I'm signing my 5th lease with Cortland! Living here has and continues to be an enjoyable experience. The staff have always been very prompt to fulfill any requests i have made. Thank you, Julie, Kalli, Rebecca and Bubba!

Tommy George


My favorite apt I have ever lived in the environment is worth the rent! The office has graciously worked with me on my rent through coronavirus and has continued to do so I am very thankful!

Chelsi Martin


I was asked where we were headed the other day and without hesitation I said “HOME”, “to see Bubba and big Mike, and hopefully Julie”. Seconds later I realized the true impact of that statement; and the punctuation within that 4 letter word - home! Ridglea and my definition of “home” share the same address (wrap your head around that for a sec!). A place that conjures sentiments of happiness, safety, surrounded by friends; people who truly care and are vested in the well being of its residents, staff, and anyone within earshot. Sure; there is the business transaction of a lease, rent due, a work order, but the care and compassion in Julies eyes (community manager) is un-maskable. Mike’s (maintenance manager) commitment to your units every concern is palpable; even as the heat of the day and 1 million other things weigh on him – somehow he finds a way to change a seemingly insignificant lightbulb if needed. Although the address reads Cortland Ridglea; I call it “HOME”, those aren’t “people at the office”

George Santillan


This place has a great location and the buildings themselves are well kept. Also have had wonderful experiences with the staff. Highly recommend.

Victoria Givler - Alvarez


The maintenance guy Bubba is truly a sweet and kind hearted working man.. He makes sure that the entire complex and apartments are fully functioning properly before and after anyone moves.... He’s very punctual when there maybe a work order that has been put in..... I know that he loves what he does....

Tamicia Brooks


I absolutely love living here! Super great shopping and restaurants within walking distance. A safe, quiet and friendly community. Management and maintenance teams are so kind, professional and customer service oriented!

Kathleen Petkovyat


My Husband , Mom & I been living here for 2 yrs now and we Love it. The Maintenance team is great. Bubba is the BEST. he deserves a RAISE. Never had any serious issues. Mrs.Timmons.

Michele Brown


I truly have loved this place! Office and maintenance have ALWAYS been extremely kind and helpful! I’ve NEVER gotten my deposit back at the end of my lease at any of my past 3 apartment complexes because honestly no matter how much you clean and make it look perfect at the end, you can typically expect at most places to not give it back but I got mine back from living here! Just good genuine people, seriously. If you are thinking about living here, you won’t regret it. The neighbors are amazing too.

Anna Thompson


Overall I really like living at Cortland Ridglea. Parking is occasionally an issue late at night, but everything else is wonderful!

Verified R.


I can't say enough about Rebecca, she is truly a delight to work with! I recommend this complex to anyone, the staff is amazing and the community and maintenance is wonderful!

Amara L Russell


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