Shay and Alisha were awesome through our whole leasing experience! They’ve always been a great help with our leasing process and addressing any concerns, i would highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay in this area.

Sparta A


The staff at Bermuda Lake is amazing! From the management to the leasing agents. Alisha Price helped us with our smooth transition process and has been a great help since then with whatever help we need, she’s always available and been very helpful.



Shay and Serena are THE best leasing agents I could ever ask for. Complex is nice, LOVE the driving range.

Nick Rinaldi


Shay and Alisha were awesome through our whole leasing experience! The property and amenities are absolutely beautiful and kept at top condition. The staff is amazing. Would Recommend to any friend looking to live in the area!

Selena Haykal


Jose is good

yong yoon


Updated: Bermuda Lake staff cares about the communities well being! They recently hosted a market featuring entrepreneurs that live in the community. It was a great networking opportunity as well as a great way to meet my neighbors. Living in this community has been a pleasure. The staff is still amazing and friendly, they work quickly to address any issues and keep the community up to date on any problems. Cortland Bermuda is a great place to live :-) I visited these apartments this weekend and Shay was on duty!! Though she was the only one there, she handled the flow of apartment searchers and residents wonderfully! Once we had a chance to sit with her and go on our tour, she was inviting and knowledgeable which made the beautiful property that much more amazing! Gorgeous views, aqua golf, spacious apartments and great residents. I'm looking forward to stopping by the office for coffee and to say hi to Shay once I'm a resident.

Nicole Miller-Rocque


Have lived here for a year and absolutely love my apartment and the amenities. Only issue is the parking lot... there are a lot of cars that have super loud mufflers and they zoom around and gas their cars to go fast and it's dangerous. You've gotta be careful if you walk your dog around as they could hit you but mostly it's a noise annoyance more than anything else. Otherwise, the office folks (specifically Shay and Alisha as I've dealt with them) are amazing. And Alfredo in maintenance is the best. Every morning I walk my dog past the maintenance garage where they gather in the morning prior to the start of the day and it never fails that they say Hi. Very personable maintenance staff. All in all I would recommend Cortland Bermuda Lake as the apartments are beautiful and well maintained and the events they host are lots of fun. In fact, we just had our first Pop Up Shop recently and had I think 13 vendors selling all sorts of stuff. I was one of them! Looking forward to doing more of those and getting more

Tammy Lea


Love this place, all the staff including leasing office and maintenance are amazing,it's a great place to call home, I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Keep up the good work!!

Allam Srikanth


Although I have a few neighbors who like to slam doors while leaving and one who seems to not understand the garbage rule. I enjoy the quietness, the location and that there is a no smoking policy. All of our issues have been taken care of promptly.

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This is the best apartment I’ve lived in during my 8 years of renting. The staff is courteous, the service men are prompt, and honestly no complaints. There always can be improvements but my year of living here has been enjoyable and I hope my second is the same if not better!

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