Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit a service request for your home – anytime, anywhere – using your online portal or your community’s 24/7 service hotline. Our clock starts the minute you submit your request.
  2. Let your management team know in writing if we have not solved your problem within 48 hours. We’ll gladly compensate you with a rent credit for each full day after you notify us, until the original request is resolved to your satisfaction.

A few notes:

The guarantee only applies to what we can directly control within the apartment, which doesn’t include vendors, contractors, or resident-caused damage. For that reason, the following requests are not covered by this guarantee:

  • Wall/ceiling repairs and/or painting
  • Flooring repairs or replacement
  • Exterior repairs, like windows, siding, roofing, etc.
  • TV, internet, or utility services
  • Pest management services
  • Repairs that require special-order parts
  • Any damage caused by residents, occupants, or guests

Also, for everyone’s safety, our guarantee does not apply in situations when we have to delay a service due to the following:

  • Your pet wasn’t secured in your home
  • There were minors at home without an adult present
  • We were unable to access your home (e.g. lock changed)
  • Natural disasters or severe inclement weather occurred
  • A State of Emergency is declared at a State or National level