Here's how it works:

To qualify for our guarantee, these are the only things you need to do:

  • Fulfill at least six months of your current lease.
  • Provide a written 60-Day "Notice to Vacate."
  • Be considered in good standing with the community (no late payments, complaints, etc.)
  • Pay all balances, including any damages, cleaning charges, etc. before you move.
  • Sign a lease at your new Cortland community!

*Residents can only qualify for the Relocation Guarantee once during a twelve-month period. The Relocation Guarantee only applies to transfers to another Cortland community at least 10 miles in distance from the resident’s current community. Waived fees include early termination, transfer, and application fees. The new community may collect an administration fee. If a resident chooses to transfer to another Cortland community before six months of their current lease have been fulfilled, they will be charged a $500 transfer fee.