By far the best place I have ever lived! Staff really care about you and will do everything to make sure you are comfortable and happy. They take great care of us.

Ale Huerta

My experience at Westview Apartments in Lone Tree has been wonderful, and I recommend it. PROS: wonderful customer service; proximity to big box retailers and light rail; free parking; new: pool, carpet, paint in hallways, gym, LED door signs; spacious bathrooms; classy touches in remodels like auto-led lights in bathroom and granite counter tops. CONS: Tight parking spaces. No Clubhouse -- under construction. Strict late payment policy. Occasional dog noise, but that’s standard in apartments. Staff is great. Notably Sophia and Jamiah. Not only do they thoroughly answer all my questions and assist with any action items, but Sophia even offered tips and suggestions that I didn’t ask for but are very welcome (e.g. placement of blinds to emphasize tall ceilings). This level of customer service professionalism is rare, much less in an apartment community, and it is really appreciated. All requests for maintenance have been completed quickly.

Cole Preece

Great place to live and very reasonable individuals! You’ll love the leasing office :)

Taylor & Nick Borrego

Used to live here and has been the best apartment I’ve lived in so far. Location is perfect for everything and had luxury feel to the rooms. Any problem I had, was always solved fairly and taken seriously. You see where your money goes and it’s a great place to live!

kristen woods

Great place to live! Biggest Apartments and closets around. Staff is friendly and attentive.

Chris Altilio

One of the best places to live in the Denver metro area. Everything you need is no more than 5 minutes away. The office staff is always very friendly and they work with you to solve your problems. The floor plans are renovated and spacious, they come fully equipped with high quality appliances and luxury finishes.

Zach Josey

I love living here and always love coming to the office to see the girls during events! So much fun! Stephanie always has a smile and makes sure everyone is comfortable and enjoys getting to know each other which is great for new Coloradans!

Siara Cummings

I have lived at Westview before and during the renovation. Since the new company took over, the new office staff is very friendly and helpful. I want to thank Brittany, Stephani, Jamiah and Danielle for improving the office staff and for the wonderful and excellent service and activities these ladies give to the community.

Florence Bush

I was very impressed with the size of the rooms. Kaylee was very knowledgeable and a joy to deal with. I loved her enthusiasm.

Wendi Baca

The staff at the leasing office is amazing. Stephanie Endara has been extremely helpful. I am so happy.

Tyler Madsen

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