Great amenities

allen clark


Expensive apartment. Safe place

சரவணன் ச


A new Fresh very nice and friendly community. They also offer free Fitness classes with residency. Fantastic amenities, including gym, pool, Etc. Definitely check them out.

Adam Franklin


My experience and subsequent move in to the Cortland Whitehall community almost could not have gone better! I did experience an issue with the original unit I had liked and began to move forward on the leasing process with which was unfortunate. This issue was what seemed to me a computer error as both the agent and I were equally confused. I elected to lease a different unit because of this. my "second choice" of sorts The above mentioned issue was the only problem and or real hiccup I can say I experienced in the entire process from first contact to move in day! Every other step of the way were about as seamless and straightforward as you could expect from such a process and Kevin was the perfect person to guide me through it all. Kevin made everything easy always making sure to explain the process along the way, things he had been or would be doing, along with what I could do to expedite and or make the whole process go as smoothly as possible. The apartment and community itself is quite nice, I've been in

Gage Simard


Beautiful location and Kevin is the guy you need to talk with. He goes above and beyond to accommodate you. This community has everything you will want and need.

david moss


Kevin was very helpful with assisting me and my family during a move in! He was patient and kind. So Grateful he made this process as simple as possible. Thank you Kevin!

Jazmen Moss


Kevin was so polite and kind. I’m in a bit of a bind, but he was very sensitive to my situation. The Ace and Birdie units were both ADORABLE!! Kevin also did not neglect to tell me about the current special they have, which would help me so much!! Great experience! Great community! Super clean and super quiet!


I absolutely love Cortland Whitehall. Kevin is amazing!! From the moment I reached out about signing a lease to move-in day he extremely helpful and responsive. He went above and beyond to make sure that my move-in went smoothly and I appreciate his assistance so much! The apartments themselves are beautiful and spacious. The property is peaceful and well taken care of. We are in a great location close to everything we need! I'm so glad that I can call this place home!

Maya Maat


This community is beautiful and the staff outstanding. I would recommend this property

Francine Young


This was a beautiful property and we were being helped by Hailer Thurber who was excellent, she was very informative and helped us with all the cortland locations in town breaking everything down. Highly recommend coming here and seeing hailey, she will take care of you.

James Piccolo


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