City Living, Surrounded by Nature

At Cortland South Kendall, you’ll experience the benefits of city living while also being surrounded by nature. The Preserve – a 50-acre nature preserve surrounding our community – is made up of Pine Rocklands and Hardwood Hammocks habitats which are protected by our Habitat Conservation Plan prepared with the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

To help preserve these habitats, we’ve designed our landscaping to blend with the natural surroundings and allow native wildlife to safely come and go through our community. The landscaping includes “Stepping Stones,” which are heavily vegetated areas within the community that mimic the Pine Rocklands habitat so native wildlife can travel through our community undisturbed.

So, as you walk around our community, you can admire the lush greenery, take in scenic views of the sun setting through a tree canopy, or even catch a glimpse of native butterfly and bird species as you go about your day.