Living here now since June 2019. Everything has remained the same since I moved in- PERFECT. Maria and the staff here are super friendly as well as the Maintenance crew and everyone takes pride in what ever job they are performing at that time.

Sharon Voss


Denisse was the first person to greet me when moving into my new apartment. She has been very welcoming and so helpful during my time here. I was in a slight inconvenience when the apartment above me caught on fire and I had to move out of my apartment in the middle of my lease. However, Denisse and Wanda helped me tremendously and were very understanding with my frustration during this time. I would recommend Denisse to anyone with any questions or concerns about the property!

Tamara Aqil


I love this apartment complex and will never live anywhere else. I love the landscaping and the office staff is always there to help me. Especially Renew Hunt she has always helped me from day one and when she is not available the other office members are always available to step in, especially Nicole and Denise just to name a few. Thank you Renee for being someone I can count on.

Heather Lewis


This place has really grown on me! The upgrades, service team and office staff, especially Tiana, Maria and Renee, are wonderful and professional. Living here has been a pleasant experience.

Nay Wms


Renee and staff were great. Excellent service. The move-in process was simple. My new apartment was very clean and recently renovated. I am really happy I found this place.

Andrew Stephen


I would encourage anyone looking for a new home to visit the Cortland Mirror Lake in Apopka. This is a very sophisticated and nice place to live . Always clean, staff is very helpful and friendly . Visit their office today , I’m sure they can provision you the home of your dreams . And guess what? There are more great things to come . Gated and secure community that will give you peace of mind . I highly recommend choosing here as your new home!

Amar Harrinarine


I was trying to add up all the apartments in the last 30 years I have lived in and I think it's around 14 different apartments. I lived at one complex 3 different times. And I have lived at this complex twice now. And I have owned 4 or 5 houses in between and rented from landlords at a few other places. So I have moved a lot. PLUS, my family and I have worked in this industry for over 30 years so I know MANY apartment complexes and this far exceeds any other complex I have lived at PERIOD. I don't know who set the standards for Cortland, but I'm glad they did and I'm glad to see they really abide by very high standards. Thank you to everyone! I am 48 and on disability and I feel safe and at "home" every single day.

Verified Resident