Cortland is a very nice and clean apartment complex. The community is young and active. The amenities are great. The dog park can get loud but that’s the only complaint I have. Love living at Cortland!

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I was looking at a variety of places in the St Pete area and among the many good options, Cortland Gateway really stuck out as the best option and the front desk concierge Payton went above and beyond to show me the extra places I requested as I wanted to know as much as I could before making a thorough decision and I couldn't be happier.

Rob Mason


Absolutely LOVE Cortland Gateway. We have been living here since June 2022 and recently have found ourselves needing to down size. Gracie Sebastian was phenomenal in helping us with our transfer. Thank you so much Gracie for your support, your kindness, and your professionalism. Gracie worked with us to secure the apartment of our dreams. She was exceptional and did an amazing job of answering our questions and quelling any worries! Thank you Gracie!!! <3

Arashi Mesa Melo


Just recently moved in here. So far everything has been amazing!! Payton and David are fantastic in the leasing office. If they don’t have an answer right away the 100% will find out an answer. The amenities are fantastic. The pool is gorgeous and I can’t wait to use it. The property as a whole is gorgeous. I’m so happy we moved in!

Stasha Marie


I went on a tour with Payton and she was super helpful! I love all of the amenities and community events they do. Can’t wait to move in!

Ian Kort


Courteous, professional and neat.

Godfrey Aekins


Cortland Gateway is a wonderful place to live. It is well maintained, they provide wonderful service, and I can’t say enough to praise the awesome staff.

David Gontaruk made this whole process a million times easier for us as far as leasing for our first time! David goes above and beyond at his job and has become a friend to probably every person who has moved in. You can always count on him making your day better & giving you a laugh! The apartment is beautiful. His professionalism & attentiveness was a difference maker & helped me decide that this was the place for me! Thank you David!

Chris Rodriguez


Amazing community for a very fair price! I have had no issues and really enjoyed my time here. The staff are all very nice and take pride in the community. The other residents have all been friendly and I have had no issues with neighbors. The walls are well insulated and minimize noize very well. I can hear people walking above me, but it honestly is nothing compared to other apartments I have lived in.

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David had me sold on an apartment here. He made the entire process so smooth and simple. Now that I'm moved in I couldn't be happier. The complex is beautiful! The staff couldn't be more helpful or friendly. Truly a luxurious living space. 10/10!


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