Amazing service by Moses. He is the single contact for any service in our apartments. Rest of the crew is also nice

sagar i


I have been living here for about 2 months now. For the most part it is great. The apartments are very nice, the staff are great. I haven’t had any major issues at all. Any small problems I did have were addressed and fixed within 24 hours by maintenance which was awesome. It is conveniently located close to so many stores and restaurants which is great. We never have to go far for meals, groceries, or shopping. There is also the beautiful walkway along the water that is nearby. My only complaint is that my specific unit happens to be facing the children’s play area. There are a LOT of children that live in this community. Every single day, without fail, there are about 15-30 kids playing in this area with little to no parental supervision. My only issue with that is the noise. For about 5 hours a day (3-8:30pm) there are tons of kids screaming and yelling loudly outside. I can hear the yelling every single day from every room in my apartment. I imagine that if your apartment is located further from the play

Helen Brown


Cortland at Valley Ranch has been my choice for a few years now - mainly because of the office staff (Alex) and the maintenance staff (Moses and Caine). It is a quiet community and new management is busy with upgrades to apartments as well as landscaping. I am hoping the new manager James will stick around for a while - he has been great also. I have read the other reviews that complain about TRASH issues - I am not sure what management is supposed to do when TENANTS leave trash out on the wrong day!! That is a problem with tenants and not Cortland at Valley Ranch. As is the problem of children playing in undesignated areas! That is a problem with parents! All in all - I am happy at Cortland at Valley Ranch and have no plans to move.


Apartment Ratings

I moved in this apartment on Feb -2021. This was a newly renovated apartment, full wooden flooring, new appliances (Except the Cooking range but it was hardly used so that is ok). James made our move in very smooth and fixed all the issues we had after move in. So far very nice experience. Just couple of things I have noticed here like rent is higher compare to other communities in near by locations and lease breakage is two months and move out notice is two months (So total 4 months rent). For ppl like me, we need to move to different locations based on the Job and might not be able to complete the lease. I believe two months notice and two months rent as lease breakage is on higher side. But I ignored these two points and gave higher weightage to other points like were locations, friends staying in the same Apartment etc while selecting this. I will update the review again in future whenever I will move out to share my Move out experience

Nirav Sanghavi


The apartments are beautiful, but the hospitality is unmatched. Cipriano Alvarado went above and beyond preparing the paperwork necessary and assisting us in any area we needed. My wife and I love this place!! The best so far!

Zachary Sellers


The manager is super funny and relatable. Cipriano has always gone out of his way to assist us with anything we may need! It is super rare to find someone like this anywhere! Also, I love the layout of the apartments! There is alot to offer! Best place to live by far!

Faliciti Burns


I love living here and with the new management things are looking up. Thank you Alex for all you do, your kindness and professionalism does not go unnoticed.

casta guzman


We have lived here for a while, and love it! The manager of the apartments Cipriano Alvarado is super helpful and always so nice! I Would recommend to anyone!

Rita Trevino


We love living at Cortland at Valley Ranch.

Dana Fitzke


Super friendly staff, clean location, well kept. Very nice place to live!

Melody Howell


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