I thoroughly recommend this location! I have truly enjoyed all of neighbors and staff members. I work with AT&T and all tenants here are eligible for a huge discount on their wireless plans. please reach out and we can switch you over in the comfort of your home! 972-266-3508

Dustin Haggerty


I am currently an applicant for this apartment! The leasing office was such a pleasant experience. We were with Pamela and she was a complete ANGEL! Like seriously. I wouldn't have had it any other way today! She was so down to earth and considerate and completely sold us. Sooo nice and so sweet!!! If you tour or talk to Pamela, you are blessed! This property is amazing and she made it even better :)! Neri from Maintenance was also AMAZING! Wore shoe covers, made good conversation, and respected my space! Thanks so much!!

Terzettea Simpo


Michael C. gave me one of the most thorough apartment tours I've ever had. He was personable, answered all of my questions, and he was very respectful of my time since I had my little baby with me. First impressions matter and he made a great one!

Kris MH


We did not end up renting this property but I’m still writing this review to appreciate Tanisha who helped us tour the property. She was very patient with us.

Sonal Dhingra


I recently toured this community with Amanda Smith. I will not be living there due to work complications, but I wanted to share my experience. Right from the beginning Amanda made me feel very welcomed and was very knowledgeable about the property. It was a very pleasant experience and I want you guys to know you have a valuable staff member and should be recognized.

Brock King


Amazing staff who helps quickly. Special mention to Ashraf Edan!

ananya kondiparthy


Great apartment and staff. Construction going on, but I was aware of this when I moved in. I've had no issues with noise coming from other tenants. Just one complaint, I have an electric vehicle which made this apartment attractive when I moved in with two chargers in my garage. However, the spaces by the EV chargers are not EV only so it's hard to get a space to recharge my car as other drivers park in those spaces.

Matthew Cordell


Lived over at Verus for a couple of years now, the property was sold and I was bummed out because I knew the maintenance and office team pretty well. Turns out the new company is just as or even better than the previous one. Not a single complaint, Blas makes this property shine. Leasing team is very polite and helpful, even the residents are mostly older extremely nice people. They recycle their cardboard and the company that picks it up is always pleasant towards us and asks us if theres anything they can help us with. Only complaint would be prices but theres not much control of that when you're living in such a great location especially within Frisco. Thank you Cortland!

Andre Maia


I would thanks the maintenance name* ash edan* Me and my neighbors we loved him he worked non stop when leak start in our 4th floor that Saturday 13 February he helped our 4th floor and clean the leak while freezing outside then when the fire happen i saw him outside verus help residents to keep them save and warm this man absolutely hero and non stop and he was days non sleep because we saw him Saturday utill Wednesday working and help the residents when the leak and fire happen in our apartment Thanks ash you are hero

Liza Insurance


In the past week what happened to our living community i want appreciate from my bottom of my heart the man name( ashraf edan ) he was worked for days helping the community when the fire start snd the flooding happen i saw him work 24 hours for days this man unbelievable he was helped residents let them go inside verus and he was amazing god bless him thanks ashraf so much

Ashley sf


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