Loved this apartment complex! Two dog parks, two pools, a decent gym and SUPER HELPFUL staff. Nataly in the front office was an absolute angel! The staff in general, maintenance/office/groundskeeper are all super kind and helpful.

EllaMae Ott


Absolutely LOVED living here! TWOOOO Dog parks! Loved my apartment. Decent Gym and they're gated. The staff in the front office are SUPER helpful. Nataly especially helped me a bunch of times with my /many/ questions and maintenance requests. And the Maintenance and groundskeepers are all really sweet and respectful.

EllaMae O


We had the tour recently and Andreas was amazing, he was very kind, knowledgeable and patient with each question that we had. The complex looks very organized and pretty.

Close A


I recently had the opportunity to come and tour the property of Addison at Sandy Springs. I was assisted by Jason throughout the duration of my tour. Jason was very knowledgeable of the complex and the location. My tour with Jason was amazing and I’d definitely recommend everyone looking for a new home to come and view the property and experience his awesome customer service.

Mia T


Update… since they couldn’t fix the leak from the Ac unit,they replaced it with a brand new Ac and replacing the damaged carpet.. Manager (Jason) was very understanding and responsive to the situation.Thank you !!!!! This is the current situation in my apartment. I have called and reported this leak since last week and nothing has been done,I love this place but at this point from all broken kitchen drawers,very nasty bathtub and a whole lot of things not being fixed in a timely order we have had enough of it, today my husband called again they told us someone was supposed to be coming around…now it’s 9pm No,one came smh.. am very disappointed how they can just ignore something that’s soo dangerous,even when you have little kids in the house… We loved this place before courtland took over..our bedroom carpet is wet from the leaking and getting worse..

Honest Miss


I MUST express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the exceptional living experience I have had at Addison of Sandy Springs under the management of Jason Moore. When Cortland took ownership of the community and I first met Jason, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism, friendliness and his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure I was happy living on the property. He is ALWAYS in good spirits with a disarming and charming smile, his communications skills are kindly and ALWAYS with your best interest in mind. The entire leasing and maintenance team are prompt and efficient and make me feel assured that whatever my needs are they will be met immediately and with care. The maintenance team is always courteous, professional, and goes above and beyond to resolve my issues the day I submit a request. The apartments themselves were renovated to be modernized from their prior state before Cortland took ownership. The appliances, countertops and kitchen& bathroom fixture have been updated an



Great team ! Always willing to meet your standards to help as much as they can.

Tiffany Blunt


Jason has been excellent and very helpful! He’s always smiling and very helpful for me and my needs. I really enjoy him and the team. Living here at Addison has been great!

Najat Alsaqaff


I used to be so upset with our old management but Jason and his team have been wonderful. I love the food trucks that come in on Wednesday and Fridays. The community parties are also amazing. Our maintenance team has been great too. I do love living here now.

Agnes Dadzie


I am very impressed with the Addison’s at Sandy Springs, not only are they kind, courteous, and patient. They are also very knowledgeable about the property that they manage. From the process of leasing to giving a detailed description about the amenities. One of my favorite PERKS is Wine Down Wednesdays (a glass of wine at the clubhouse after a busy workday), along with Breakfast On The Go, Dinner At night, in which a food truck comes onto the property and prepares your food (budget friendly). This is a pet friendly community! The property is very clean, quiet with low traffic. I appreciate the saying, “there’s no place like home”. Jason the office manager along Morgan are top notch professionals. and you will definitely be welcomed like family. I highly recommend the Addison’s at Sandy Springs.

ShayLove Eid


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