I love this place. I used to pass by it and like the style/design of the buildings. My husband and I decided to come for a tour 2 years ago before we got married and it was in our top 3 places. It became number 1 because the price was in our budget and we could see ourselves being here long term (until the point that we wanted to move into a house). Long term because: the view of the lake/creek and grassy park areas is beautiful and would give us a place to walk, the community is clean, the staff back then, and even more so now, have been super kind and responsive to us. Did I mention the management staff and team are great to us? Long term because: it’s close to freeways and places we frequent, there is enough living room space and bedroom space and we love the garage options, and it’s fairly modern on the inside. I love the gyms, the pools, the grills, and the community activities that are provided. The community is fairly quiet, but we do have neighbor noise sometimes. I guess you can only avoid that in ANY apartment complex if you live on the very top floor. Besides that, the only other “con” I might have is that I hardly ever get a live person when I call the office. I usually always have to leave a voicemail —it was like that even 2 years ago, but since under new management I usually get a call back within the same hour and email responses from one of the staff members is fairly quick (within a couple of hours) too. It’s never been an emergency and I hardly ever have to call, so it’s fine. I really have no major complaints. I didn’t talk about money too much because my feeling is that about 90% of apartments and even houses are expensive. Affordable housing in DFW is a challenge anywhere, but nevertheless, I love this place and I will always consider it home. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Kelly Wilmore


This property is BEAUTIFUL and I absolutely love my apartment! The office staff is beyond amazing and will go the extra mile for all their residents! Thank you to the manager Christine for making every step during the move in process easy and accommodating

Alexis Crawford


Beautiful property. Very clean. Love living on the edge of the lake, love the open parking. Very quiet community. Lots of families and singles. Maintenance services are extremely professional, knowledgeable and timely. I’ve had a great experience so far.

Cody Grimmett


all of the staff are great and love to help. thanks James for helping us with our fridge...best maintenance staff!

Spacy Field


I am so pleased to see all of the positive reviews regarding the property where I live. When we first saw how breathtaking the scenery was we fell in love immediately. It is quiet, safe, clean, well kept, and just an all around wonderful place to live. I have a 6 year old daughter and during the summer there is always little children at the pool for her to play with and the pool is never overly packed like one would imagine. Anytime we call on maintenance they come right away and we haven't had any issues with break ins or anything like that. I will say the only negative is that we live near the pool so at night sometimes past the pools closing time we will hear laughter, music, and people talking but it hasn't been enough to where it's a major issue. Love it here, feels like a vacation at home. Shelby is the absolute BEST.

kwanita smith


My experience here so far has been great!! Move-In was very smooth and all maintenance requests were resolved very quickly. This is a very quiet and peaceful community.

Adrienne Bowman


Staff are always professional and courteous to me. No complaints. I love living here. Grounds are kept up, neighbors are nice, access to the lake and clubhouse are secure and overall I love living here.

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