VANESSA IS MY FAVORITE!!! Always welcomes you with a smile and kindness!!!

Sara Mayo


I’m so in love with my new place! Vanessa was so kind and helped me every step of the move in process. I was able to move in within a week of my application. The process was simple and Vanessa made everything so easy. I enjoyed all the leasing agents there, everyone is so pleasant and professional. I’m so excited to move in and enjoy all the great amenities. I’ve found my forever home until I buy a house 😊 I just am so impressed by Vanessa she is a truly beautiful soul and will go above and beyond for potential residents. If you are ever interested in moving here I recommend it and also oblige you to ask for Vanessa I know she will make you’re move in experience an memorable one. She certainly did that for me!!!

Aileen Jones


I have been living here since March 2021 and truly enjoyed my time here until recently. While this place was mismanaged from day 1 I never complained. Elevator always broken and I was stuck in it 45 minutes with my bedroom furniture, the handyman who was recommended in the welcome letter by the original management installed a brand new TV in my living room which came crashing down near my mother and son while he was still on premises, rumours of mold, high levels of radon, packages not delivered directly to my house…. Through all of this I still never complained and happily renewed my lease once Cortland took over since I trusted them to take care of the issues and which they did. I am disappointed however at their choice of who they hired as a residence experience manager. This guy Zachary is a tool and I am so “lucky” that they placed him as my Neighbor. Not sure why they chose someone not very family and kid friendly to be the experience manager but all he does is walk around trying to catch his own neighb

Ilona Kats


Stephanie, Asst Mgr has gone above and beyond! Chris, Service Mgr is friendly and attentive to maintenance issues. Best luxury lifestyle living!

M Harvey


Zach is GREAT!

Marene Downs


Zach was so great! 🙌🏼

Alicia Hugh-Fisher


Zach is fantastic and his interpersonal communication is incomparable! He is your guy and will always exceed any expectations you have. So reliable and thorough!

Amber Lynn Benson


Great working with Zach!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jessica Lister


Would absolutely recommend living here! Beautiful apartments and the location is perfect with the plaza downstairs. Everything you need is here!

Zachary Briere


Vanessa the best 💪🏻

Ale Sak


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