While I didn't end up living here (found a different place closer to my work), the place seemed like a good deal with great amenities and I could've seen myself renting here. Merina toured us around, she was extremely helpful, honest, and professional. Her behavior as a staff member was fantastic and would've convinced us to rent here! As for the apartment complex itself, it looks just like it does as advertised on the website. Definitely well-kept on the inside and the appliances are new. The renovations for a new pool just wrapped up (some people had complained about construction in other reviews). There's enough guest parking outside of the gated community that it's still convenient to have guests over. The gym wasn't packed so it seemed easy to access. They've got package lockers also. Someone was blasting music with the door open somewhere on the property, but that's my only complaint. Again, while I didn't end up living here (not Cortland's fault!), it seemed great from what I could tell.

Andrew Jary


Debbie is an awesome member of the team and does a great job keeping all the amenities clean for the residents! She is always active, responsive, and kind! Thank you, Debbie!

Anthony Joseph Cicchino


Kind and helpful staff!

Legend Xu


I must say Chris is very professional and he always keeps his promise! My husband and I recently moved into one of the renovated apartments and there were a few things that went wrong on the day of the move in the office had already closed so I was not able to report anything to the office, but my husband saw Chris outside and told him what had happened in the "newly renovated" apartment Chris came right in a noted the things that were wrong. On the next day the office was opened I made them aware of the things that were wrong as well and received a text a few days later saying my work order was in progress......then crickets. We heard nothing else until Sunday, May 7 there was a knock on my door and it was Chris he came in and fixed one of the things I called in about plus my kitchen started leaking and he fixed that as well. I'm giving Chris 5 stars because I wasn't expecting him on a Sunday when the office is actually closed and he is always so helpful. Chris THANK YOU for being an amazing part of Cortland

LaTrese Robinson


Sun River has been one of my favorite leaves I've lived so far, mostly because of the kind employees who make things run smoothly! The community is very quiet and respectful, and everyone makes you feel at home


Lovely staff,

Rafael Cadena


Chris the maintenance manager at Cortland Sunriver offers A+ service! We recently moved to a new unit and he came over personally to ensure that outstanding maintenance issues were completed. Chris is friendly, professional, and respectful in his demeanor. He is a great asset to Cortland Sunriver!

Cristina Ramirez


Such a great place to live, community is quiet! The office people are great, and are very attentive! Me and my fiancé moved here about 1 month ago and we have had bad experiences in past apartments. so we were kinda effy at first on renting another apartment but so far this place is great!

e l


Great place to live, clean new renovated units. Maintenance always goes above and beyond to fix our problems, Chris especially.

William Haddick


Best decision we have made. & worth the wait Helpful & respectful staff.

Anthony Cox


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