Locked my keys in my car. Bobby walked with me to the main office to confirm my identity then opened my apartment door for me. They go above and beyond here! The office staff is amazingly helpful as well. Would recommend

Daniel Schaefer


We couldn't be happier in Cortland Southpark Meadows. The management staff is extremely helpful and responsive, and the maintenance staff is excellent. Very nice place to live!

Leslie Curtin


Bobby with the maintenance crew is awesome! Responded really quickly and was able to fix everything we needed help with!

Hunter Belvail


Just moved in a few months ago site unseen and have had 0 problems so far. Management has been very friendly and helpful when needed. The maintenance crew are very efficient, nice and get stuff done. Bobby came in and helped with a couple of things and nothing but great service as well as everyone else in the maintenance crew. Dog friendly and great location.

William Lingamen


I’ve been living here for about 8 months and I’ve had an overall great experience with the office and the maintenance team. Bobby came by today and quickly resolved my maintenance issue with a friendly, courteous demeanor. I can always appreciate when I’m able to chop it up with the staff while the apt is being taken care of. 👍

Chris Aguilar


Wow! Diana Kim is absolutely the most amazing professional leasing agent. Her patience and customer services deserve a 1,000 STARS! Currently living in Houston and due to business growth I now needed a home in Austin as well. Diana Kim attended us with the upmost respect. She was courteous, helpful, dedicated, and responsible. I had been looking around for other apartments prior to meeting her; once the tour was finished I was immediately ready to apply. I did so and Diana Kim made the process so easy and simple. If anyone is looking for a comfortable relaxing home in Austin I urge you to speak to Diana Kim. Thank you for serving Austin, Tx.

Monica Arce


Lived here for over 2 years and I highly recommend! The staff is very nice and accommodating. Lovely updated apartments at a good price and the amenities are great. :) Nice atmosphere and an easy drive to downtown. Thanks for everything!

Taran Stupka


I have yet to find another apartment complex like this one. The staff is amazing and the maintenance crew is attentive as things are usually fixed within 3 days. They keep the grounds looking nice with professional landscaping. The apartments are quiet and people mind their business. The only bad things I have noticed is A) they are so picky about what you can have on YOUR porch, like even bikes are a no-go. B) the apartments are so expensive. In one year, the rent of our 3 bedroom apartment went from $1,800 to almost $2,400. The majority of Austinites could never afford to live here. and C) the pool gets so crowded that its not enjoyable. However, they do host cool community events and raffles which is nice.

Peyton Atchison


Everybody is so helpful here! one day the maintenance man helped me with some car troubles the next day the people cutting grass helped me move furniture inside of my apartment



Everybody is so helpful here! one day the maintenance man helped me with my car battery the next day the people cutting grass helped me move furniture inside of my apartment


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