I've resided in my share of communites throughout various states over the yrs. This has by far been one of my best experiences and I will say I've resided in some pretty luxurious places. The staff, maintenance included is very attentive, kind and NOT rude when you feel bothersome in regards to inquiring or requesting things. My family and I truly enjoy the property. To include my 2 fur babies. They actually enjoy the turf/faux grass dog park. The trails and lake area are peaceful, maintained and enjoyable. The gym is nice as well. All that's missing is an onsite fitness instructor. I've enjoyed usage of the amenities and have not yet had any issues with the operation of our utilizing them. The only gripe I'd have is no fault to the community but amazon just piles packages near the parcel lockets often. Not sure if it's user error or maybe more packages than parcels. All in all the living experience is great.

Shenika Nicole


The pace and relaxed place

Judith Linares


Best experience living here!! I miss this place.

Tatiana agudelo bohorquez


A/C went “out” this morning, put a work order in and Rob stopped by the apartment by 10:30 and quickly corrected the issue! The house is cooling down already. Thanks so much, Rob!

D Robinson


So I wasn't going to write a review but at this point I just have to speak on my experience with the location.... this place is truly a great apt complex. My A/C unit went out last night at 2 am in a 2 story town house and my whole family was burning up and sweating to the point of it messing with my asmatic fiance. All I had to do was make one phone call to the 24 hr emergency line and not even 10-15 mins afterward I had a technician at my door ready to fix the unit. He wasn't rude, angry, disrespectful or any of that and approached the situation with understanding and a sense of urgency for my family. I forgot his name but I'm sure the office can look him up but in the meantime thank you maintenance team and thank you cortland for have a fail safe for cases just like mine.

Kevin White


We have really enjoy living at Peachtree Corners, everyone has always been very nice and helpful! We absolutely love our apartment and really like all the amenities and cleanliness the community provides.


I recently called about my air conditioner was not working. Glenn came down to repair my unit in a timely manner; he was very polite and professional. What a nice young man.

Black Butterfly


I was staying at the Courtland property visiting my Sister. I noticed Glen and the maintenance team cleaning the grounds and the pool first thing every morning. My Sister said Glen is very polite and he always greets the residents with a big smile. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

KJay Jenkins


My friend had a maintenance issue with the AC. She called the toll free number on a Saturday and within 20 minutes Rob arrived ready with a stupendous attitude to tackle the issue. Needless to say, he was professional, quick and kind. He made sure my friends and I were cool and comfortable for the weekend. Thank you sir, you are much appreciated!



The maintenance team at Cortland is really great. They work hard and are always so friendly. Robert specifically is very helpful and super nice!

kelsey triwedi


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