Carlos Mesa did excellent work as a handy man on my apartment!

Arturo Castellon


Edward help fix our water heater very fast. Within a few hours!

Alisha Briggs


When the air conditioning unit went out, it only took us one call to get Edward to come by at 8 PM and replace the entire unit. Words cant express how happy my family and I are to have AC back on up and running again, just in time to put the kids in bed. Thank You Edward!!!

Alex H


I submitted a service request last night when my AC stopped working and the next morning Edward showed up and took care of it for me. Thanks so much!!

Pablo Armas


The maintenance call for my bathroom issue was handled withIn 48 business hours and Edward Aguirre was efficient and performed the service really fast! I am satisfied with his service. Thank you so much!

antazeeta franklin


The maintenance man, Edward, was very quick and helpful. Very polite service :)

Dakota Jewell


Ash came out immediately to help with a leak in the ceiling last night, came back today and finished it all up. I greatly appreciate his prompt service, very friendly, respectful, and made sure that everything was taken care of immediately!! Thank you so much for getting it all fixed!!! Excellent service for sure!!!!!!!

Ann Jones


Edward was so kind and polite. He fixed the leaking shower right away. As well as talking to me about any other issues I was having. All your maintenance men are so polite. It really is such a nice experience living here. Edward always has a smile for everyone in our complex. I would like to thank Cortland for how kind they have been with these unfortunate times we are all going through. Being understanding when some of us had to wait to pay rent due to lack of work. Was the kindest thing you could of done as a management community. I know many management companies in Dallas. And they were not as kind and understanding. I also have to tell you that since Cortland has taken over as the new management company everything here is great. The grounds are beautiful, clean, and well, well take care of. We love it here and do not mind the construction and all the new fun stuff coming. Thank you again for finally living somewhere I am truly happy and proud of.

Jeanne Cole


Ash has done a great job with great customer service. Thank you

Liliam Beck


Edward was so kind and nice. He fixed our problem in a timely manor. Edward has been here many times and is so courteous and respectful. Thank you for having someone like Edward here to help us. Also Cortland is the best company I have lived. Keep up the good work

jean cole


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