I have lived here for a year and I love it. The maintenance crew, especially Rolando, have been exceptionally helpful. He always has a smile on his face. Everyone here is so welcoming! Great location and spacious apartments!

Kyleigh Grace


Cortland North Brookhaven is an amazing place to live! They have wonderful amenities, upgraded apartments, staff & maintenance team! The location is also a huge plus!!


Looking for apartment to move within next few months. Visited this place and they were so helpful. They didn’t get mad that we weren’t looking to move in asap. Very helpful and informative.

Joshua Lapp


I was looking for an apartment during the pandemic in 2020 and somehow found myself in CNB. I saw a woman, a resident, while on my tour and she voiced from afar, “I have been here for years… move in, you won’t regret it.” She was right, I lived here for 2 years and it was a wonderful experience for me overall. No apartment is perfect no doubt, but you will have less things to worry about here, barring your personal preferences for the type of an apartment complex. I recently had to relocate due to some reasons outside of my control, else would still be living in the apartment complex. Management is on point, location is a gem and it’s close to most places, serene community, safe environment, easy-going community residents, and the leasing office staff are awesome with special shout-outs to Ashley and D’Erika. I am telling you too, “move in, you won’t regret it 😉”.

Philip B


I have only lived at Cortland North Brookhaven for 6 months at the time of this writing. The community is excellent! They respond to service requests and keep the common areas in great condition. The communication from the front office is excellent when it does come to things being out of service. Again, it is for a very short time at most. The location is nearly unbeatable. Everything that you could possibly be interested in doing is right here. You have access to multiple parks, countless restaurants, quick access to highways and so much more! I am very happy with my choice. The grounds are tremendous! It is like you have your own sanctuary with all the trees and plants around. A couple of courtyards including a fountain area to rest and relax. My only complaints would be the popcorn ceilings and that the shower stalls are frosted glass instead of clear. Honestly that is it for complaints!!

Corey Thomason


Great community and pool area. Love the resident events!

Flonise Harper


Dalia Maisonet was the most helpful agent my roommate and I have ever met. She went above and beyond by giving us a walk in tour, thoroughly answered any questions we had, offered us coffee when we walked in and followed up with us on their availability. She was WONDERFUL and I recommend anyone looking for an apartment in a great area to request Dalia to assist you. 10/10 service!!

Dahria Ekhlas


From the details in the website, to the apartment tour and hospitality, I have nothing but praise to share. A very smooth experience through the application. The apartment, amenities, and community itself is by far the best maintained apt complex I've ever experienced. Excited to live here!

Tobi Komolafe


I have lived at cortland NB since spring 2019. My time here has been overall peaceful, comfortable, safe, and fun. The apartments are spacious, well updated, if not visibly high turnover apartment units. You’ll notice sloppy paint jobs as they repaint after every tenant and don’t take the time to prime/remove dust/clean surfaces they are painting. In general don’t expect premium finishing touches, but the apartments are still very decent for the price. Three high points of the Sebastian floor plan for me were the large tubs, massive kitchen sinks, and large porch. The neighbors I met, while your mileage may vary, really added to the experience! Since this is a larger community, you’ll have a lot of turnover and with that you may get the occasional obnoxious neighbor but the leasing office usually handles these situations well. With the pool, dog parks, and nearby bars and restaurants like Lagarde, righteous room (closing soon), bad daddy’s, fudo, contrast artisan ales, and more, there are plenty of options wi



We've been with Cortland North Brookhaven for about a month now and have had 5-star experience with the staff during our time here. Kelli is so sweet, helpful, and really made an impression on us after our initial visit in August and was so glad to actually come back and rent with CNB when we moved here in October. We had originally picked Camden Phipps, but after learning about the noisy and intrusive external renovations that'll be happening over the next 2 years, we were happy to be able to rent at CNB instead! We also got to work with D'Ericka in the leasing process-- she's very professional and explained all the questions we had in a jiffy. 5-stars for leasing office staff as well as for quick response from maintenance staff. The trails and sidewalks in the complex and surrounding areas makes this a great, walkable neighborhood to stretch your legs. Whole Foods is right across the street, Publix just down the street, and so many great food choices nearby! We got the Sebastien (2 beds/2 bath) and is plent

Barbara Weyzen


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