I'm delighted to share my review of the rental community I currently reside in. This place stands out for its exceptional community of people. Unlike other commercial complexes, it fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere where neighbors genuinely care for one another. The amenities provided here are top-notch, making our daily lives more enjoyable. The free coffee on select Wednesdays is a delightful treat that brings the community together. Additionally, the free Jumba classes are a fantastic way to stay active and have fun. One of the unique touches that I appreciate is their service requests. Whenever maintenance personnel visit for service requests, they hand over snacks, which is a thoughtful gesture and makes the experience much more pleasant. Overall, this rental community is not just a place to live, but a true home with a sense of belonging, great amenities, and caring neighbors that set it apart from the rest.

bhargav chellu


Kevin and his team are fantastic. First rate professionalism and prompt answers to all my questions and concerns.Very, very good management.

Marlon Wilson


Awesome management and maintenance team. The new renovations are okay. Could be a little more closet space but overall we love the place. Kevin and his office staff are amazing

Kesha Wilson


Everyone is very attentive specially macho

Luis Woo


Cortland Mallard Creek is a great place to live. The management and maintenance team are great at what they do.

Eji Elemere


The community is nice. The staff is professional, attentive and helpful... Quinton and Carlin are super Amazing.. they deserve a huge raise????. However, I have been having lots of issues with pests, in my home. Please fire your pest control company. They are terrible. I ve seen more roaches than people. We pay entirely too much money to have to worry about cockroaches everywhere all the time. Please find a more efficient company that will take the time to exterminate the properties correctly. Again management..Carlon and the maintenance team are great! The pests! You guys gotta get a better handle on it!


Apartment Ratings

I had a really good living experience here. The staff was always helpful and things were fixed fairly quick for me. Overall the neighborhood was quiet and I can appreciate that

Kiairra Hill


My living experience thus far has been amazing here! Nichole is the best leasing agent ever! And I'm grateful to have a property manager like Kevin! He's always on top of things when you reach out! And maintenance is always on time with fixing things!

Kayla Nixon


I’ve been a tenant since 2021 and I have only positive things to say about this community . I recently transferred to a renovated unit and the transfer process was very smooth.. The entire staff, from the maintenance team to the leasing agents are all amazing and Kevin and Whitney were very helpful throughout the entire process . I am very pleased with my experience .

Jazzy B


I loved living there! They have great staff and amazing amenities



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