I have been living here since March 2023, my initial experience was a bit rocky due to the misuse of complaints from my neighbors and I’m still not a fan of my neighbors! However, the front office staff Tristian , Gerardo and Kelesia (may have not spelled their names correctly) have always been amazing. I may be their problem child from time to time but the respond in a timely manner and address my concerns . Maintenance is also always responsive and addresses the issues in the home.

Taylor Bass


The management team here are very helpful and professional. I'm glad I made the choice to move here .

Roderick Matthews


We really enjoy Cortland Luxe Aprtments. It is always clean and neat. Great care with their gardens and all amenities. Fransico and Angel are on point on maintaining your needs. The office is great with Gerardo. He is very professional and listen you if you have any problems. Any questions he's the man you want

Mark Hernandez


El tiempo que he vivido aquí, he estado muy satisfecha y segura. La propiedad, el area de entretenimiento y alberca siempre están limpias y muy cómodas. Ha valido toda la pena la inversión de vivir aquí. En la oficina desde que llegamos Gerardo siempre no ha dado un excelente servicio, muy amable y atento a cualquier problema que surge, asegurándose que todo quede resuelto. 100 % recomiendo esta propiedad basándome en mi experiencia de más de dos años.

Sara Torres


When my wife and I first went on a tour we thought this place was too good to be true. We were waiting for the Boogey man to show up and confirm our paranoia after having so many negative experiences at other places we've lived. However, here at Cortland Luxe, we've been proven wrong. From Staff to maintenance to neighbors. Everyone is happy to be here. Staff is always welcoming when we come to the office and make the max effort to complete any request or need that we may have. We've live a lot of places over the past decade, this might be a place where we stay as long as we can, simply because staff make it a place worth living at.

Allen Miller


Gerardo did an amazing job with explaining/showing and finalizing everything for me and my wife!

Alvaro Mayorga


I moved to this apartment complex from a different state-12hours away and the entire staff was super accommodating! Even after moving in the staff is still friendly and helpful!

Marquita Horne


Shun was the best leasing agent. I give her 10 stars all around the board. Tristan was the icing on the cake. Shun was able to turn, what would’ve been a bad situation, into a good one. I had incorrect information reporting from a credit bureau and she sat on the phone with me and the bureau for over 2 hours so we could get it sorted out and an approval for me. Their Regional Manager was amazing as well for her understanding (experian would not send anything over they only wanted to verbally confirm) and finalizing my approval. The entire situation was stressful but Tristan came through occasionally with his good energy and sprinkled some everywhere. I highly recommend this property. From the units all the way down to the customer service experience, they keep you as a top priority. Other complexes just shoo you out of the door without an ounce of compassion.

Nae Marie


By far, one of the best places that I've ever lived. The staff is great and very helpful. The grounds are very well kept. An awesome community overall. I have no issues or complaints. I've really enjoyed my experience here, so far.

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We visited this place twice and both the times it was a very nice experience. I think this is the best property by far in pearland but expensive but you get what you pay for most of the time

Mamta Banerjee