Really beautiful and clean property. The staff has been tremendous to work with and got my questions and concerns taken care of. I've lived in several complexes and have had plenty of bad experiences but this one is top notch.

Morgan Burns

Easy move in! Andrea was super nice and very helpful

Christy Deleon

Very clean complex. Well kept and beautiful. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Aaron Bell

Andrea was great! She was an expert in suggesting floor plans that fit my lifestyle! Also, I needed to move in within 4 days of initially viewing the property and she was able to match my urgency. Such an angel! The entire staff has exceeded my expectations.

Gifton Milburn

By far in all of my years of apartment leasing, my experience at Cortland Las Colinas has been seamless. Andrea Jones is an exceptional leasing consultant, as well as the property and team manager. Maintenance is very timely. Within 48 hours or less, issues are resolved. A very clean establishment. Great neighbors. Thankful to have chosen Cortland Las Colinas as my home.

Clarity Jadore