Excellent location. Lots of green areas. Awesome pool.


Excelente propiedad. Es más pequeña que las demás propiedades de Cortland, pero es muy cómoda, con acabado de lujo, amenidades con espacios apacibles y buen vecindario. Mirna Zetino ha sido incansable en enseñarnos todas las opciones que teníamos. Su profesionalismo y atención al cliente fueron impecables. Si vengo a vivir en Huston, Lakemont será la propiedad elegida. Mirna, gracias por todo!

Janini Garcia


I like to much live here, is peaceful in and beautiful area. We have good school district and all that we can need is very near.

Diego Fabian Veloza Toro


Great place with a great staff. It's pricey but can't put a price on comfort and peace.

Willie Dynamite


Shelly is wonderfuly Pleasant touring me and my wife that we have decided to live here for the beautiful property and customer service

Michael c


I lived here for over a year, and it was a wonderful experience. Beautiful, clean surroundings, maintenance was prompt and regular, all appliances were new and worked perfectly, and it felt like a very safe place to live in. I have absolutely no complaints about this place. Would highly recommend!!!

Ada Okeke


Rita and staff are beyond helpful! Truly a wonderful community and great location!

J Williams


Shelly and Mirna are excellent part of the establishment and provide fast and friendly service

Shauna King


Cartland Lakemont has an exceptional staff and an outstanding living space! I’m truly blown away by the comfort and friendly atmosphere here. Highly recommended it to anyone looking for a great place to live ! You won’t be disappointed here.

Dina Gallegos


Cortland Lakemont is an exceptional place. It exceeds my living expectations ! Highly recommend if you are looking for an amazing living space and overall amazing atmosphere!

alina aguilar


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