Great customer service

arlene johnson


Cortland Grand River has its pros and cons, but overall it has been a great experience living here. The hot tub hasn’t been in working condition for quite a while, but it’s because the parts to fix it are on COVID time. Not much can be done to fix that! We moved into a different apartment last weekend and it was not in great condition. We communicated our concerns to management, and they took care of every single issue we brought up all in one day. As long as you communicate, they will take care of any issues. Michelle and Kimberly have been especially kind and helpful to us and have listened to our concerns while taking action to make it right. The maintenance crew is professional and they get things done! No apartment complex is perfect, but we are overall very happy with how they have treated us and made our stay great.

Michael Leek


My apartment feels safe, has nice views, good access/amenities for dog needs, and neighbors are nice and helpful. Because of the location, the immediate access to nearly every goods/ service I need is extremely nice also.

Overall, pretty nice place for the area. The units were much nicer than others that you will find nearby. The biggest complaint was the noise and lack of parking If you are near the pool.

Cravvy Manor


Great place to live! The pool and gym are so nice! Office staff is helpful and friendly

Ashley Taylor


We've been here since Summer of 2021. It can be a bit pricey if you move in the Summer. I would recommend timing your move in winter if you can manage it. It would be nice if they kept their prices generally static and fair for the whole duration of the year. Or at the very least take a look at quiet reliable tenants and offer them a rate change to match the winter rates after x months. But other than that I'm very happy with maintenance and staff. They are very friendly and responsive to any issues we open tickets for within their control. Neighbors are very sweet and kind to each other for the most part. I've only heard a few drunk disagreements happen at the hot tub only a handful times a year but you can't hear it at the units. Same with neighbors in other buildings there will be random times you hear someone being inconsiderate and laughing or drunk stomping loudly or blasting music (maybe 3 times in 9 months) but Police are very responsive and don't play. Issues seemed to be resolved quickly here if you


Apartment Ratings

Beautiful hidden

Lisa Bean


Good professional and Wonderful office

Joseph Prince


Madison Merritt in the front office went above and beyond for me today. My washer/dryer stopped working and laundry PILED up over the week we were waiting to get it fixed. When I called to check on my work order, not only did she make sure someone came by the end of the day, she graciously allowed me to use another laundry machine in a vacant unit next door. I can't begin to describe how appreciated she is!!!

Randi Price


This complex has good service, performs work promptly if work is needed. And ensures loving quality between tenneants. Also will work with situation lease wise so far. Have appreciated all contacts with the team and the help they provide.

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