Great place to live for young and old tenants. Priced fairly and competitively. Numerous amenities.

Cortland Cotswold is the best apartment I have ever lived in! Cortland provides many different events and amenities and the neighborhood is extremely fun, safe and peaceful. I would highly recommend moving here!

Maintenance teams make the difference whether you like where you live or not. Cortland Cotswold chooses and supports the best. They listen well and educate me when needed as well as do a great job.



Minus a ripped up parking lot it was a great experience

N.A MONEY (N A Money)


I lived here and it's great. Awesome staff, maintenance, friendly. Only issue I had was parking space. Somedays all parkings taken so I had to park farther from my appartment. Unless you pay one of the parking garages, you're set and I beliene it's about $20 a month. But besides that, it's cotswold is a great place to live, clean and safe.

Nate Joel


Wonderful property!

Sukhzinder Braich


Cortland Cotswold is a beautiful complex! The grounds and building are well maintained and I especially love the fitness center. Stephanie was professional at all times and a delight to work with. Highly recommend to complex to live.


Apartment Ratings

just wanna to tell everyone that this place is awesome, nice an reserved great staff I recommend this place to everyone...thank you so much for everything you DO!! STEPHANIE PETSIAVAS....

Antonio garcia


Stephanie was amazing! We had a blast performing for everyone!!!

The Comedy Cartel


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