I love it here at Cortland Bellevue! Being an older woman I was going to have a tough time with the application process but ARKEBA helped me with EVERYTHING. Every step of the way even beyond my move-in. She definitely goes the extra mile in every aspect. Even today she was training Faith (who is really nice) and still stopped by to assist me. Faith is learning from the best. I just love her !!

Jacqueline Langford


Mrs. Kaitlynn was absolutely amazing with the help she provided. Answering questions, providing details. Just wonderful.

Robert Boyd


Beautiful property and an amazing and friendly staff. Kaitlyn was amazing during our tour. She was extremelly patient and knowledgable, able to answer all of our concerns having an Autistic child.

Gerald Ferguson


Kaitlyn is the shizzle!!! She is extremely knowledgeable and very sweet. Thank you for the tour Kaitlyn!!!

Jamie Pederson


I love this place and also the staff is the best. Kaitlyn is exceptional! She's always friendly, professional, and goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for residents. Her knowledge of the property and prompt response to any issues or questions is impressive. Kaitlyn truly cares about the community and makes sure everyone feels welcome and supported. Her warm and approachable demeanor makes her a joy to work with. If you're looking for a hassle-free living experience, Kaitlyn is the perfect person to have on your side. Five stars and highly recommended!

Nelson David


Highly recommend! This complex is so gorgeous! The staff are great and the amenities are some of the best you can find in a Nashville apartment complex. located in a great part of Nashville and the pool is amazing!

Shir Nachman


Arkeba was extremely helpful during our pre-leasing, leasing, move in and transfer process. Once my husband and I moved into our apartment, we found ourselves in a life event that would require us to transfer to a 2 bedroom. I only had to send a text to Arkeba and within 3 hours she was giving us a tour of a 2 bedroom and assisted us with making a smooth transfer on our lease. Courtland Bellevue policy on transfers is very accommodating to residents who experience a life event that creates a need for change in living space. We have had nothing less than optimal service in all aspects of Courtland Bellevue. I highly recommend this community. Service Request responses have been timely and Maintenace staff are very intentional in leaving the repair space clean and neat. Baxter, our 2 year old English Bulldog has been treated with great love and inclusiveness around the community and grounds by Courtland Staff. He even gets doggie treats in the leasing office each time he visits.


Apartment Ratings

Keba is AMAZING! She has been such a great help since I moved in!



Arkeba is great! She was very flexible with my signing process and made my move in process so easy!

Davie High


Arkeba is very nice. I’ve been here 4 month and she is still very helpful. 10/10 recommend if your looking for a new location to move. She made sure I had everything I needed moving into my new apartment. Clean , peaceful environment.

rodney holland


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