Cassidy was great and super sweet and helped me get into the apartment I wanted@

Amanda Smith


Moved in March from Florida and so far i am really liking it here. I had a last minute Job transfer and had limited time before moving. I was traveling back and forth for a few weeks to look at apartments all over the city. Cassidy assisted me and was a great help in the whole process leading up to the move in day. She helped me with all my questions about different options/floor plans via email and phone calls in addition to me flying back and forth setting up appointments for me to come visit to make a decision. Chelsea also assisted me as well on the day i made the decision to start the lease. Thanks to both of you. I love my apartment, it's the perfect layout for me. I made a few minor maintenance service request and the response and services are on point within a few hours- 2 days tops. The community is very clean and quiet. The gym is nice and spacious, i don't feel crammed at all. Machines options are great as well. I would recommend living here for sure. The staff is also great.

Jermaine John


I live here and I love it.

fan taz


Chelsea was amazing at helping me during the entire process. From visits, the leasing process, and beyond move in she has consistently stayed helpful and open to all of my questions and concerns. I like my apartment, I love the community, and I love the effort Cortland has put into making this move efficient and outstanding. Thank you Chelsea and Cortland for all of your help in finding my first apartment.

Alana Watkins


I had to blindly sign a lease due to a quick job transfer. Chelsea was the agent that helped me with the process. She was incredibly helpful and kind. The complex is clean and well maintained. The apartment was in the same shape at move in. Additionally, I was supposed to have carpet throughout the entire home (except kitchen/bathroom of course), at move in, and with no extra monthly charge, I was upgraded to new wood flooring throughout the the living space. Overall I have had a pleasant experience.

Les †


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Prince Emeka Juliet


I lived for 5 years, on my way to the 6th, can’t complain. They always help with any requests and complaints. Super kind staff! Pilly and Rebecca are my favorite people!!! Lots of natural spaces which is awesome if you have a dog!! They have more than 5 pools which is great so you can always have one more peaceful if you want to relax. I love their dog park, very decent size gym… highly recommend!

Giovanna Karpinski


Muito bom ! Só os apartamentos que estão precisando de uma repaginada

Roberta Camargo


Hands down, best job experience I’ve ever had. Coming from working in a previous hostile work environment, the team at Cortland at the Village showed that there’s more to work than just clocking in & out. Loved working with a team that was SO dedicated to providing the best experience possible for the incoming & current residents. The managers were always so supportive of the team, guided us to be the best, made sure to acknowledge when we were doing a great job, and was always available when we needed someone to talk to even if it wasn’t work related. Working at the Village brought the best out of me. Although it was rare for some days to involve late nights and early mornings, we all went the second mile and worked hard & diligently with positive reinforcement to make the best out of it with celebration from upper leadership. Thanks for being my second family away from home & making work worth coming to with a smile!

Erielle Lowe


Been living here about a month. Excellent location, great community, lots of community events. It's wonderful here! Thanks to the move in team for helping us move here quickly.

Ariel Manon