Scott Moore

Scott Moore

Chief Technology Officer

Contributions at Cortland

Scott spearheads all innovation, technology, and information platforms across the company. He joined Cortland in 2011, overseeing the acquisition and redevelopment of 15 communities before leading Cortland's innovation and technology initiatives. Now, he and his teams identify, capture, and deliver information collected throughout the organization to successfully drive technology efficiencies, innovation, and enhance the technology experience for all of Cortland's stakeholders.

Experience + Education

  • Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Cortland
  • Director of Investments, Cortland
  • Manager, Accenture
  • Development Manager, The Medallion Group
  • MS, Real Estate, University of Florida
  • BS, Finance, University of Florida


  • Board Member, InfoTycoon
  • Board Member, Arvada Captive Insurance
  • The Urban Land Institute