Wooing Residents With Exterior Design

Darla Dillon, Cortland Design's VP of Design & Architecture contributes a byline to Builder and Developer on how to market to future residents early by catching their eye with curb appeal. 

First impressions influence how we perceive people long after that first coffee date. The same goes for buildings. That first look sets our expectations about what – and who – waits for us inside.

At Cortland Design, my team and I constantly think about first impressions as we design apartment communities across the country. With more than 93,000 residents that call Cortland home, each had a major decision to make, ultimately choosing to live with us.

But why do apartment seekers choose one community over another? After finding the best location, they have to figure out which apartment community best suits their lifestyle and will provide the best living experience. An apartment seeker’s first impressions – of the community’s look and of the staff that greets them – help them decide whether to take a tour or sign a lease. So with this in mind, let’s talk about some of the ways exterior design can help a community stand out and attract future residents.