Unboxing the Package Problem

EVP of Operations and Facilities Jonathan Tucker weighs in on Cortland's adoption of package lockers and how multifamily owners and managers are tackling the acceleration of online shopping during both the COVID-19 pandemic and the holidays:

"As many others, Cortland has seen a continual climb for packages this year. By the end of September, Tucker says Cortland properties had already received 700,000 packages, a 25% to 30% year-over-year increase.

'Some sites have doubled their package volume. It’s a giant lift this year. If this increase is any indication of what’s going to happen during the holidays, it’s going to be a very difficult year for package management,' he says.

He encourages site teams to have a proactive approach around packages. 'You can’t communicate enough. Residents don’t know how many packages you’re getting; they are only concerned about receiving theirs,' he says. 'Stay close to the volume, try to understand when you’ll be at capacity, and reach out to residents so that they can pick up their packages or you can deliver to them.'

'Package lockers are arguably the best amenity we have in every community where we have them. They are far more valuable than I ever thought they would become,' he says. 'When we build new communities, we make sure package lockers are installed before residents start to move in. They need to be available from day one because they are that valuable.'”