New Trend: Apartment Complexes Banning Smoking/Vaping From Entire Property

Apartment complexes are banning smoking and vaping, not just inside, but outside.

Tina Batoh recently moved to Boca Raton with her daughter Clara. They spend their free time swimming at the community's pool.

Cortland Boca Raton recently banned smoking and vaping on the property.

"I think it is fantastic. We know so much more than we ever did about the effects of not only directly smoking but secondhand smoke. So, as a parent, that is important to me in protecting my child," said Batoh.

Through a survey, Cortland discovered its residents are overwhelmingly in favor of smoke-free communities.

"Our residents want their families to be healthy as well. When you bring your kids out to the pool for example, you don't want them to have to cover their mouths or noses because they are getting tobacco smoke or nicotine, you want them to have clean air to smell and breath," said Dr. Karl Smith, Cortland's Director of Residential Well Living.

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