How Will We Live in the 2020's?

Financial Times graphic imagining a home in the future

The Financial Times asked experts to identify six trends that will change property and the way people live in the United Kingdom. One trend? The rise of the BTR ("build-to-rent") sector. To get a sense of what the small but growing UK BTR sector might look like in future, the FT interviewed a Cortland resident across the pond in the United States.

From the article: "Joi Light, 35, lives in a low-rise apartment building in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves her landlord, but it is not a person — it is a company. Cortland owns 11,000 apartments across the city and controls everything, including the leases, the maintenance and the bills. “It’s definitely exceeded my expectations,” says Light. She works full-time and is a parent, she adds, which leaves her no time to chase up an errant landlord over problems such as repairs."