DFW’s Direction: Experts Share Their Insights

Cortland Director of Investments Michael Kolshak recently weighed in during a REDNews forecast summit on the direction of DFW in multifamily.

He pointed out that "the emphasis on design goes beyond just the overall layout of a multifamily property. In deals where Cortland has influence, he said the company is encouraging developers to plan for more tenants working from home.

'The thinking is that work-from-home is not going away,' Kolshak said. That means closet space is less of a draw compared to office space or a built-in desk. Technology access also has increased importance and not just for tenants. Property managers are shifting to virtual leasing, offering up digital tours of vacant units. 'I’m pretty impressed how the entire industry adapted almost overnight,' said Kolshak. 'It’s a paradigm shift for the industry that probably doesn’t go back regardless of how long this lasts.'”