Amazing and friendly community. Application and document signing for the lease was so easy and fast I was shocked! Staff has been a great help with any questions or concerns I have had. Residents are always smiling and speaking. Love this community.

Verified Resident

We really love it here. We will only be here a short time but it was a perfect location for what we wanted. Our place is nice and big and it's very peaceful. It's been great living here so far, and if we ever move back I would definitely consider it again.

Verified Resident

I’ve lived here for almost a year now. I’m excited the clubhouse is finally open and that our gym is almost open as well! We have had some really fun events lately. I have enjoyed meeting some of my neighbors who I might not otherwise have met at these events. Thanks to Amanda for a super fun environment during the events and thank you to Lexi for always answering my questions. Thanks to RJ for initially helping me into my apartment!

Randi Slusher

We have a really great community, everyone is friendly and the staff is very caring and helpful! I love the events that Amanda hosts we always have a great time! When my baby was born they had pizza delivered to us! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!

Verified Resident

Moved into the community over a year ago. The community is beautifully well kept, and the renovations are beautiful! Make sure to ask RJ or Amanda to show you around they are the BEST!!

Kelsey Pendley

Overall has been a great experience since moving in back in July. Great area, great staff, and great place to live.

Devon Barckley

The grounds are kept up and it is fairly quiet. I am updated on events, renovations, and things that are being worked on around the community. All the renovations I've seen look great. Also, anytime I've had a service request, someone is there to work on it by the next day. If the problem can't be taken care of right away, I'm updated step by step on what is being done.

Verified Resident