I had a tour at this property, we love the property, floor plans and amenities. It's very clean and well maintained. The entire staff is very friendly & professional. The property itself looks great. Thank you all.

Jamie Masters


Office staff are real helpful, Tyler on top of his crew in maintenance, and great management overall!!!

Julio Ibarra


I had the most amazing experience touring The Laurel all thanks to Sheena! She was welcoming from the second I stepped foot in the door. She helped answer any questions I had all while keeping a smile on her face. I haven’t experienced such good customer service in so long. Highly recommend!

Anne Samford


Saphire Blake is flat out amazing! This is the first time I've ever been to this complex and she made me feel right at home. She showed me the bigger one bedrooms, smaller two bedrooms, and all the amenities. Not only did she know square footage on floor plans and prices but she also knew cool facts about the property! By far the best leasing experience I've ever had!

Colin Molten


This complex is by far the best I've ever lived in. The front office staff is phenomenal. If I could give 10 stars I would.

Kristen Gulizo


My husband an I moved from NY two years ago and The Laurel by Cortland was the first apartment complex that we saw. After we looked at so many other apartments but the Laurel by Cortland didn't leave our minds. We came back after a month and leased here. This was two years ago and we are not planing to be moving any time soon. After our first year here we upgraded to a little bigger floor plan and actually signed the contract for it without even seeing the unit. We knew the office team and knew that they will go above and beyond to make it look good. The team here is great. They know all the residents by name and not just apartment number and keep up with your life.They throw great resident events and even come super early to work to catch all the residents that are leaving to work with a little breakfast on the go gift. Though out the to years we lived here the team had been changing here and there but it didn't interrupt the work and their relationships with the residents. We only ever had one problem with our fridge that randomly stopped working . Electronics i tell you. But RJ an Scott took such good care of us and fixed it supper quick. I highly recommend living in The Laurel , you will not regret it!!

Margo Dey


I haven’t read any reviews about Saphire Blake yet but she is AMAZING. So sweet and so helpful with finding us our new home. We wanted to move December 1 but decided (two different times) that we wanted to move in earlier than that. So we are moved in as of yesterday and we are thrilled to be a part of the complex. We have a 2 bed 2 bath, called a B3. They are willing to work with you to pay different things and we were fortunate enough to get our fees waived for applying as well as the deposit (based on promotions and the fact that we are college students). Definitely consider living here - it is much better than the property next to it (Park Creek). Not only is there great customer service, the gym and other amenities are open 24/7. The place is beautiful and it ALLOWS GERMAN SHEPHERDS. We searched for over 8 months to find a place that would allow my baby girl, Joli.

Marisa Herzer


I had the best apartment hunting experience because of Liz. We definitely have The Laurel at the top of our list.

Stephanie Elliott


Beautiful property and I love the floorplans. Visited twice and both times Elizabeth the Property Manager helped me. She was extremely helpful, professional and responsive to all of my questions. Great at follow up as well. I chose another Cortland location near Alliance Town Center due to timing though highly recommend The Laurel. Very nice!

Darlene Miller


I have lived here for a year now and have had no issues at all. They take such great care of this place and their tenants, but today they really went above and beyond. Michael one of the maintenance guy help me change my tire which he did not have to do, but he saw one of his tenants struggling and came to help. I really enjoy living here because they have such a great staff.



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