The only reason my dog is alive today is thanks to a Stoneleigh staff member Eric Stich (I hope I spelled that correctly). My dog was choking to death on a piece of cheese (yes cheese, we still don’t know how) and had been without air for several minutes and had been out cold for at least a minute, probably more. I was about to rush her to a nearby emergency vet when I saw a man on a utility cart driving past, I weighed my options and decided that the chances of someone in the complex being able to help were higher than the chances of my dog surviving the long trip to the emergency vet, so I flagged the man on the cart down, hollering all the while. Thankfully Eric heard my cries for help and came out to investigate, he arrived just after I had managed to dislodge the cheese from my dogs throat, and began to perform what appeared to be CPR on the dog which was still not breathing and unresponsive. Slowly, Eric was able to bring the dog back from the brink of death. Thank you Eric and the rest of the staff at the Stoneleigh from the bottom of our hearts! Darcy would not be alive and wagging today without you!

samuel law

This is the second time I have lived at Stoneleigh at Bear Creek, and they are the BEST apartments I have ever lived in!!! The management and staff are hands-down amazing. I have always felt safe, never had any problems and the property is always in pristine condition!! I cannot recommend this property enough! Thank you Stoneleigh for making my home feel like home!!

Fernando Young

I had a mishap at work with keys and was not able to get into my apartment. After calling after-hours line (9:30 pm), Terry from the maintenance staff called and informed me that he was on his way to let me in. Great communication and response from Terry. Awesome personality and great addition to the staff here at Stoneleigh.

Chris Reyes

I only been here couple months, and so far the maintenance staff is the best. Every order I have put in has been done in timely fashions. Craig (one the maintenance guys) is the best.


Great place to live and work! Fabulous on time maintenance team!

Vincent Capito

Harley Mooney is so amazing very helpful, also very attentive to my needs as a resident! She is the best leading consultant ever. She should own this place. Without her, there is no Stoneleigh.


I have not had any issues. The office staff are always welcoming, friendly and on top of requests. The office is always clean and the maintenance crew is very prompt. The community is always clean and well kept. The leasing agents, Clarissa and Harli are awesome !

Sada Richardson

Loved my one bedroom home with the giant patio! I also enjoyed the pool in the summer!

Mrs Jamie

Stoneleigh is the first apartment community I am able to call home! I honestly feel at HOME not an apt! I love this place and everything about it! The amenities, the events, my neighbors, OH AND LET ME NOT FORGET THE OFFICE STAFF AND MAINTENANCE, they are more like family to me!

Courtney Davis

I live here, and I must say it is THE BEST COMMUNITY EVER! I am very excited for this new management company, AND OMG I LOVE CLARISSA! She always takes care of any issues I have going on and any questions!

Samantha Baker

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