The staff was very friendly and amazing to work with! We are glad everyone enjoyed their photobooth and thank you for allowing us to provide the entertainment!

David Ngo

Southern Oaks has been one of the best places I've ever stayed at and even considered home. I moved in 2013 and a job relocation had me move out of the state a month ago; so yes It had been 4 pleasant and joyful years. This wouldn't have been if it wasn't due to the diligence of the front staff as well as the maintenance team, and of course the management. I lived here long enough to witness all the changes, improvements, excellence, and varieties of arranged social events. I can't stress enough on how well-maintained the place and its amenities are and how friendly & helpful the staff are. Buddy, current manager, always professionally responded to all my requests, suggestions, and needs in a timely manner and has built his team to act in such a way as well. So, rest assured you're making the right decision by moving in. P.S. I must give my fair review to the previous manager, Christine. Christine was just as diligent. Half of my stay was under Christine's management and the other half was under Buddy's. Southern Oaks has been in excellent shape under the management of these two. So, rest assured, again, that you're in good hands! All the best..

Husain AK

My wife and I have lived here since 2016 and have been more than pleased with the complex and its amenities. The complex is affordable, the staff and management are friendly and eager to assist with any request, and the community is family-friendly and quiet. There’s also a dog park for your four-legged family members as well. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s affordable, quiet, and conveniently placed in the Triangle, then this is the place for you.

Marcus McAllister

I like the service at Southern Oaks Apartment. They are ready, kind, and respectful. ☺️ Thank you Ms. Beneeta Daidii.

Sharonda Smith