I lived here for 2 years and it was a wonderful experience. Sonia in the front office (I hope that's the right spelling!) Was wonderful and always took care of us. The maintenance team was incredible. It's mostly 1 guy but the turn around for maintenance requests was often within the hour, even for minor things.

Harrison Allen-Sutter


A good place for living, and a wonderful management team.

Sameer Jazrawi


Nice apartment complex, Quiet and good for family life, Sonia is a really good staff member, she is always ready for any thing we need.

Diego Salcedo


The property is beautiful, and the staff are so friendly and helpful!

Vanessa Wisneski


The new leasing office manager is a HUGE improvement over the last. She smiles, she’s friendly, and she listens. Staff are all friendly, and space is clean. Nice place to live.

Dustin Harvell


The personnel are the best and friendliest. They really take an interest in renters. I feel very safe living here. I recommend San Brisas Apartments.

Anna Rivera


Awesome place to live quiet clean, and everyone is super friendly. Love it!!

Douglas Smith


Thankful for the amazing team at San Brisas. Before the office was cold and dreary with Christy, the old manager, but now there is a new manager Samantha who will bend over backwards to assist you in whatever you need. I have never met someone who was so friendly and clearly loves their job so much! I had issues with my move in that were never taken care of and she handled them within hours, without hesitation. Management should be proud to have such a dedicated new employee who seems to embrace challenge and who loves what she does. Not only this but Jackie and Sonia in the office are always there to help as well. They also are very friendly. Maintenance team is beyond any maintenance team I have ever dealt with before, they are amazing! If you are looking for an apartment in Chandler, don't hesitate to take a visit here.

David Hung