The property started as being a perfect home. Over time, management turnover, service team turnover and other dynamics...I no longer find Park 83 as a viable place to call home and for the rates we are charged, the return is significantly less each year.

The grounds are very beautifully landscaped and is like a park which is what I love most. However the apartments are not well monitored as the pools are not monitored and closed at the end. This is a no smoking community, however most people smoke here and there are cigarette butts allover the place so it is not enforced. Some the amenities in which we were to enjoy have not been working for over a year such as the laundry room and there is inconveniences such as the community water often being shut off constantly. There is a gate, but people often tailgate behind you and it defeats the purpose of the gate. Sometimes the gate is broken, but they try to fix it quickly. Pet areas are often overflowing but there are always bags there which is good. The residents do not pick up after the pets which is very unsightly and it is not enforced. There does not seem to be an active courtesy officer available as stated and very difficult to reach someone after hours.

Life at Park 83 has been pleading and stress free. I have wonderful neighbors and I feel very safe. Everyone seems to take pride in where we live and accepts his or her part in keeping it beautiful.

I wanted to share a quick review regarding my experience with the groundskeeping crew at Park 83, especially Joe from London. He greets myself and my dog every morning with a warm smile and conversation. To top it off he always provides doggie treats to my dog to make her feel comfortable. Thank you so much Joe for your kindness.

jessica florczyk


I wanted to give a big thanks to one of the maintenance guys at Park 83 named Joe Mayo for his assistance the other day. I came out of my apartment to my car battery being dead. I called down to the office and Joe came came with a portable charger. Unfortunately it did not have enough power to get my car started and I was beginning to worry this would take all day. Joe told me not to worry and then he called some of his coworkers, left and came back with regular jumper cables and a very kind neighbor gave me a jump. I could not be more appreciative of their assistance. It was the day before Christmas Eve and I was already stressed out. Joe’s assistance with a smile and kindness really made a difference.

April R


Decent apartments, nice grounds, awesome dog park.

Nicholas Bennett


Great place to live. My wife & I will miss Park 83 we’re moving because we bought a house.

Oldschoolcat Rivera


Beautiful apartments and landscaping. The staff is super kind and helpful, especially Reggie! Love living here!!

Mackenzie Shapiro


Very good place to live, it is very peaceful, units in very good conditions, Maintenance is very quickly, and the staff is so professional and help in all doubts you could have.

Julio Guzmán


Park 83 is a beautiful apartment complex with resort style amenities. They ensure the grounds are always well manicured and take pride in the community. The apartments are spacious and well cared for despite not being newer construction. They are always planning activities for the residents, their children and even their pets! I have lived in other apartments in this area and Park 83 is way ahead of the others!!! If I had to complain about anything it would be that the pool area is open until 10 pm but there are no lights in that area. That would be the only improvement they could make.

Chasity Holland-Jones


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