I have lived here for over a year and can't get over how peaceful it is the neighborhood. The team of the office is very nice especially Natalia, very attentive, helpful and kind. Also the staff of mantenience it's very helpful. I totally recommend living here!

Tayde Soriano


Beautiful apartments, friendly staff, great amenities! I will be renewing my lease!

Her Majesty


I have not moved into these apartments (yet), but my initial experience with this complex has made me not want to continue my apartment hunt any further. From the second we walked into the door, we were greeted very warmly by Natalia. She had an injured foot but showed us around thoroughly and was full of smiles the entire time. We felt horrible seeing her walk up to the 3rd floor to show us the unit, but she seemed to love her job. Even with passing a few current residents without their dogs on leashes, she politely just asked them to take their dogs in for a leash and continued to smile. If the rest of the staff have Natalia's awesome customer service and positive energy, I look forward to being apart of this community.

Ari Cherel


I absolutely love the community as well as the staff! I would highly recommend this community to all of my friends and family!

Ernesto F


I really like how responsive is the maintenance guy. My neighbor got locked out and he was in need of an urgent help. We submitted an order over the phone and it was almost midnight and the guy came over and helped us out. This is something that doesn't happen often in other complexes and I truly appreciate that.

Ahmad Atallah


Since Ive moved here Ive been satisfied with everything. Haven't been able to check out the gym yet because of work. Me and my daughter love the pool area. Parking is ok. Sometimes I have to park further but, so far, I'm good.

Verified Resident 682990

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