Cortland Glade Parks is one of the best communities I have lived at. Best location near several shops, clean grounds, nice amenities, safety and a great maintenance staff! I highly recommend this complex

Verified Resident 715799

I've been living here for 2 years and I'm very happy. Excellent location, very safe and good quality of life. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend these apartments to everybody!

Verified Resident 711666

The staff is so helpful and quick to respond to any issues that come up. Beautiful property.

Mark Terry

These apartments are incredible. The staff is super friendly and responsive, and maintenance requests are way easier than other apartments I’ve been in. The staff is always putting some new social event together as well, and it keeps the community alive. Those alone make it really feel like home. Proud to be a resident here, and I hope the staff knows how much we all appreciate them.

Michael Morrison

The maintenance men here are the BOMB! They fix everything right away (mind you, there is not much to fix) but if a light bulb is out or the water filter on the refrigerator needs changing, they handle it straight away!

Gynette Berning

I moved to Cortland Glade Parks after I sold my home, while I was looking for a condo in Dallas and did NOT have high expectations for Apartment living, but this community has been wonderful, the staff friendly and responsive, maintenance has been great on any issues. Wonderful community and would highly recommend.

Verified Resident 669742

This place is like living at an all inclusive resort . The neighbors are nice and the people that work here are eager to help. I am truly thinking about adding time to my lease..... and this is from someone who lived in a big house for the last 25 years. I was nervous about moving back into an apartment but I am glad I chose this one.

Verified Resident 664221

Great community and amazing service from the office. Nothing else to report but it's a great place to live and it's located and centered around great shopping area. Thanks for an awesome place.

Verified Resident 662474

Awesome community, beautiful floor plans and amenities. Our first few months as new residents have been a wonderful. The highly pet friendly atmosphere is also a plus! We love our neighbors and the Cortland staff.

Verified Resident 659935

Wonderful! Proud To be a resident! I primarily moved here for my son and his school but overall this has been a win win for the entire family! Great neighborhood and nice neighbors overall, the team is efficient in requests and kind enough to put on fun events.

Verified Resident 651162

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