My wife and I have lived here for almost 2 years and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it! The team is always so helpful and responsive to all of our needs. The units are updated and well maintained. Not to mention our favorite amenity, the resort style pool. I couldn’t ask for a better location either. Glad to call this place home!

James Marshall


It's very nice and cozy safe place to live, Staff is awesome really caring and helpful. make you feel very special.


Great location and service requests have always been fulfilled same day or the next day. They are very fast and accommodating.

Current Resident

Excellent customer service from all the team members no complaints


Not too shabby guys! Cute apartments, good price, incredible location, and maintenance is ON IT (I mean ON IT). While the staff has drove me crazy a time or two, they have really come through and addressed my concerns! I'd recommend this place to a friend, not just as a resident, but as an apartment industry professional!

Kimberly Miller


Although I didn't lease at Cortland Bryan Place, the property- and, especially their leasing agent Sarah- highly impressed me! Sarah is one of the most hospitable and thoughtful leasing agents I have ever come across. From the moment I walked through the door of the property, Sarah treated me like family and addressed any concerns that I had. I am sure that Cortland Bryan Place is a great place to live: I have friends who live there and say that they love living at Cortland, have not had any issues, the maintenance is great, and that they feel safe living there. I was most impressed with how there are apartment units at Cortland that have personal garages. Definitely check this place out, and make sure to ask for Sarah!

Limor Cohen


Not a review of the property, but of my experience working with leasing consultant Sarah! We didn't end up leasing through Cortland BP (yet), but working with Sarah has made this whole process so much easier. She has met in person TWICE and is so patient with my bajillion questions. Also took the time to walk through various timing scenarios based on my budget. Appreciate you, Sarah!

Joy Han


I really like this place, I have been in this apartment complex for almost 2 months. One of the plus features of the place is the way that they handle maintenance task. Today, there was an issue with the heater in 27F temperature (what are the odds, right?!), Alex and Oscar worked on this issue for half a day and they did a great job fixing it.

Maryam Moghimi


It's not very often you meet a team that you want to brag about. I mean really, really brag about. I just moved in and this team has IT! They are by FAR the most professional, friendly, helpful, caring team that I have met to date. Their attention to detail and compassion for the residents is rare. Always respectful, considerate and they go above and beyond. There are always crazy days, I have witnessed their ability to deal with situations quickly , effectively and compassionately. I can't say enough great things about this team! Itati, Brett, Julia, Martin, Jose, Victor, Julio, Veronica and Tony. This is the FIRST time in my life, I know everyone's name, because they all have introduced themselves to me. I am amazed at the level of customer service and care this team displays on the daily. But you also need to be accountable for yourself as a good resident. I love living here! I'm a big fan. If you come in and look, tell them Peggy sent you - what are you waiting for? Come check it out!

Peggy Patterson


Hands down one of the best places to rent from in Dallas. My leasing agent MG took better care of me than anyone I've ever rented from before. She was there for me from start to finish. My apt looked great upon move in and she got what ever issues I had taken care of before move in. I highly recommend you ask for MG if you want to find a place. 👌💯💯

Richard S


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