I would definitely recommend Cortland communities. Any community can have amazing amenities, but Cortland takes it to another level. Their onsite teams truly care about the resident experience and go above and beyond to ensure that the residents are happy with where they live. They are open with their communication and are excellent at sending reminder statements PRIOR to rent being due. This ensures that there are no billing surprises.The leasing team at the front-office treats every resident in a warm manner. Maintenance requests get resolved almost instantly and they are extremely accommodating if you have a pet. They also keep pet waste areas at an all time top-notch level of cleanliness. You can always guarantee that their pet stations are stocked with waste bags and trash removed. You will ALWAYS see their maintenance team, even on weekends. It also helps that they are friendly and professional. Overall, great service! Pets are always welcome. They've been very understanding about my dog's level of comfort with strangers in the unit. They've made a few scheduling exceptions for my dog. As mentioned above, pet stations are everywhere and highly maintained. They also host residents events and fitness courses. I've never been able to attend, but just the fact that they provide this for the residents is more than good enough for me. The community is also in a great location. I work downtown and it takes me a less than 10 minutes (with traffic) to get to and from work. It is just close enough to Deep Ellum where you don't have the crazy crowd, but can get there in 4 minutes. The normal Uber ride is less than $6, so it's definitely cost-effective. Parking is rare in the downtown area, but they have more than enough parking within the community, as well as street parking. The community is safe and I haven't had an issue with my vehicle. Speaking of safety - for a community to be that close to both DT and Deep Ellum, it is relatively safe. I've walked my dog late in the evening and have never had an issue with safety. The team and security also acts fast when you see anything around the community that isn't right. Overall, Cortland communities are great to live in. There really isn't anything negative to highlight because they take every part of operations to the next level. I've recommended a friend to live here and would recommend these communities to anyone looking for a new home. I strongly believe that a quality resident experience & unit are superior to any amenity or flashy things that units may have. There is no better thing than to go home to a comfortable, safe & still upscale home.

Cynthia Nino

I would definitely recommend living here to anyone looking for a place close to downtown. The team is absolutely great at addressing any issues. The leasing staff (Reva & Wyatt) are absolutely amazing at trying to resolve any issues that you may have if a manager is not available and are ALWAYS friendly. Their Resident Services Manager (Katey) is also so prompt with responding to any resident concerns and/or simple questions. The team here goes above & beyond for their residents, which is not something that you get at a lot of other communities. Definitely love living here for the resident experience!

Cynthia Nino

Absolutely amazing staff. They go above and beyond to make sure their residents are accommodated for and happy. Margo, Ruva, and the manager Lauren have been extremely kind and helpful during my lease signing. I recommend this place highly, especially because of their stellar staff.

Abe Al-Najjar

My experience has been great. The apartment offers great features and amenities and the staff is very kind and helpful. The location is in a great spot as it's close to major highways and other Dallas neighborhoods. I also feel my car and my belongings and myself are safe at this complex.

Verified Resident 707233

Great place to live, centralized to shopping, dinning and night life fun. Quiet place to live, friendly environment. Pet friendly. If there are any issues that the team could fix they are right on top of it once made aware.

Verified Resident 706839

I have been a full time apartment locator for 7 years now. I've watched this community go through several owners and several different management companies. I can say with great confidence that the current owners, who have invested huge amounts of money into upgrades for the community over the last year or two, have a fantastic eye and are really bringing this community to a new level. The management team is by far the BEST I have ever worked with in the leasing office. They are responsive, friendly, and great at communication. The rents are very competitive for the area and for the quality of the upgrades this community has received from the current owners and the previous owners. Location is great, very central to many nightlife hotspots. Highly recommend this community!

Brandon Moses

The apartment is great, the staff is friendly, and the maintenance team responds to requests quickly. The location and the neighborhood are really good. Thank you so much Ruva for find this apartment for us. You were perfect and very thoughtful with us.

Francine Prass Hatem

Love this property! So unique and the location is awesome. I toured the community yesterday and cannot wait to be there with such great people. I could not believe the community had been there so long, looks great! Highly recommended.

Emmanuel Contreras

Cortland really makes it easy to find a place to call home. This is our second Cortland property and are still amazed. The communities are all inviting with welcoming surroundings. Very comfortable living in a Cortland community.

Verified Resident 673113

All I have to say is that I have lived here for two years and things have really changed for the better. The staff is amazing and they go above and beyond for everyone. Shout out to Jackie for always being so awesome and willing to help with anything that comes up!

Elaine Ugalde

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