Dre was a great guide and very informative.

Zoria Gaston


Dre was very helpful I was very pleased with the information I received from him and will be doing my application tonight.

Erica Ann


Dre was super helpful and thorough. Loved the property

Diamond McKoy


Toured this complex and was very impressed. Dre answered all of my questions and made feel very welcomed. - Suzzie

Suzanne Jones


We love staying at Cascades! Quinton is a top notch service technician and always exceeds our expectations!

Legacy Kza


Love this complex! I toured multiple apartments in the area in one day but came back to Cascades because of Dylan. He tipped the scales with his amazing tour. He was so transparent, informative and most pleasant!

Jasmine Lee


JB is an outstanding leasing agent with in-depth knowledge of the property. Thanks to JB’s extraordinary hospitality, my time at Cascades at Northlake has been a breeze!

Hiral Patel


The staff at the leasing office are super nice and helpful! Both Emily and Cindy have helped me in the past with great patience. 5-star service!

Cristina Mao


Look no further! Cascades at Northlake is the place to be! It has been sheer heaven since I moved here last October. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. The apartment is beautifully decorated and the residents are nice too.

Verified R.


To start off it's a beautiful community it's an ideal location honestly customer service what has been going great.

Ariana Cofield


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