Definitely one of the nicest apartment complexes around and very affordable for being ITP! The apartments are all renovated with stone kitchen countertops, all black cabinets, vinyl flooring in the common area and carpet in the bedrooms. They have 2 pools, a great dog park, and a surprisingly nice gym for being an "apartment gym

Josh Armour


I have lived here since December of 2019 and will be moving out on July 1st, 2021. My experience here has been top notch. All of my maintenance issues were resolved quickly, parking has never been a problem and I have never been disturbed by loud neighbors. Everyone here been courteous and respectful. I can get to 285 and 85 in like 5 minutes. The new Kroger is only 5 minutes from here. They remodeled all the apartments a few years ago and they look great. I highly recommend and would live here again. A special shout out to Beth Kujawa; you have been very helpful and thank you so much!

Michael Blanchard


Yall are hands down AMAZING! Im planning on staying another 2 years until Im ready to purchase my home. Its the best apartment Ive lived in ever. Im taking my time. My living space, my view, the team, the people. Its so enjoyable. Im thankful to be here :)

I have lived here for two years in recently transferred to another unit and Ana Chávez has taken great care of everything for me. She made sure everything went smoothly and is always quick to respond to my emails. The community is also clean and quiet.

Eddy Gaitan


Great location Excellent Apartments Friendly Staff

Sunny Daz


Noah was absolutely AWESOME during my move in process. He was super responsive and even the apartment as a whole has been helpful. I transferred from a different Cortland property and chose to stay within Cortland because I know how quick to respond their team is, including maintenance. I’ve had maintenance requests and they’ve all been fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Not only that, but i’m truly in love with my unit. The upgrades have some slight wear and tear from past owners but it’s beautiful and I got new carpet :) Thanks team!

Stephanie Lindo


I’ve been at Cantera for about a year and a half now. I am moving out early and Noah has made every effort to make this transition painless and easy. Thank you Cantera and thank you Noah for exceptional service!

Sana Charania


I have nothing but good things to say about Cantera and would highly recommend living here. The office staff is great!

Kyle Gash


I’ve lived here since May 2018 and love it. The office staff is great, and the service team is even better. Any time I’ve had an issue they are extremely responsive. Everyone is polite and professional. I love the peacefulness of the community. It’s like a little slice of nature close to the city. I highly recommend Cantera. Noah and Kiara were amazing during my recent transfer to a bigger apartment. I’ll be calling Cantera home for a long time.

Kristen Branson


I love my apartment at Cantera! The maintenance team rocks, the amenities are nice and clean and I love the granite countertops. I've never had a bug issue which was a huge thing for me when reading reviews for apartments for the area and price you can't beat it. I love to go to the city and its a 15-minute drive tops.

Verified R.

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