Loved living there very good apartments

Georgetta Lebbie


I can’t seem to get no one to answer the phone

lexus talley


Community: We have been here almost 3 years now, and my children and I LOVE our apartment. Very nice, very clean, and have never even had one pest issue. Maintenance staff is great, and the neighbors in the building I’m in are quiet. The grounds are always kept clean. Staff: Secondly, I LOVE the assistant manger, Keisha. Melissa has also been a huge help. I was struggling with some issues with rent due to loss of job (Covid), and currently working through agencies, so I have a new job position very often or sometimes in between jobs. Even when I was behind on rent at times (and it was quite a bit because I’m a single mom seriously struggling), they always showed compassion, and were never judgemental. I would be so embarrassed, but they never treated me any differently and always pointed me in the right direction for assistance. They have worked with me SO MUCH over these last few years, and my children and I are forever grateful. Everyone is so nice and understanding, even when I may have been a pain for bei

Ash Roxana


Everyone in the rent office get the job done

Ty gang


Excellent customer service great staff (Lakeisha, Rod, & Arielle) I love the area of my apartment home. I have lived here for 2 years. I feel safe while walking in the community.

Tiangela Jennings


The leasing office staff is awesome Ms Lakesha is the best and Melissa and Mr Rodrick he makes sure the grounds are clean and your workorders are done in a timely manner I have been a resident for 14 years and this is the best Office Staff

meltrice lupoe


I have lived in this community for 3 years and have received exceptional service. When ever we have have a problem, the staff is efficient and responds quickly. The apartment is beautiful, it has good located and all the necessary amenities. We have renewed our contract 3 times. Since Cortland arrived, everything has changed for the better.

Mercedes Rodriguez


Samantha has been such an amazing help! She always makes me feel well taken care of! I appreciate everyone in the office just wanged to shine some light on her for her excellent customer service !

Eymigre Reina


Destinations Alexander is a neighborhood with homes, not apartments. Stephanie, the Manager, is family and cares about us. She does whatever it takes to help.

It's convenient to the 24 and my neighbors are generally pretty nice. Could stand to improve in certain aspects but overall I enjoy coming home here after work.

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