I'm very satisfied and happy for everything. Their welcome, kindness, tranquility, its people, the comfort of the apartments, and the trees and plants around the entire condominium .. makes it look very beautiful! Just love it!!

Verified Resident 672490

My first time living in an apartment. The on site activities here are varied and are almost on a daily basis. The staff is very outgoing and helpful. DIEGO was my leasing rep and I cannot say enough good things about him. Very friendly to all residents.

Beth Bj Diesner

Looking to relocate. Just had the most amazing conversation with Diego! Very friendly, answered all my questions regarding the property. Appointment made .... Thank you also to Isabella. Thank you Diego.

Marine1 Army1

Excellent! Much better since Cortland began managing the property. The team is wonderful: professional, accomodating, and very friendly. So happy to hear the property is going smoke free on May 1st - my birthday. Yay! The only issue I have is the rate at which rental rates are rising. Some form of discount(s) for great tenants would be a great incentive to remain.

Verified Resident 631361

I relocated from another state. I was unable to visit the state in regards to finding my future home. The leasing agent Diego was my lifesaver. He went above and beyond in regards to find me the perfect apartment at the property. If it weren't for him I don't know where I would be living at this point. I'm so glad I found this community

Verified Resident 624574

I admire the professionalism of the staff and enjoy the company of the residents. It was a happy mood for me! The location is convenient, close to shopping restaurants and casinos. I hope more of my friends will decide to join me here.

Verified Resident

Sandy & Trina are very nice and beautiful people (they are the management in the office) - these ladies are remarkable. The maintenance team is friendly and quick to resolve any problems. Martin is so good, he makes you feel very welcome in his presence. Cathy does a great job at planning activities every month. I would recommend all my friends to live here.

Joe Hicks

I am so very pleased with my new apartment at Attiva Valley View! My leasing agent was Diego, and he was absolutely amazing! He made the process very easy and enjoyable. He is fun to work with!

Dana Marie

During my stay here at Attiva Valley View Apartments, I have experienced nothing but Professionalism and kindness. Should there be anything wrong with something, they respond quickly with extreme consideration and expertise to rectify the problem. They have good management attendance and attitude with their Staff. I highly recommend any one seeking apartment living, to come and talk to Diego or Staff.

Lee Williams

I have been a resident with Attiva Valley View for 2 years now and the staff is very well helpful and they are very willing to help in all areas. My apartment is very nice and the landscaping is kept up well and it makes me very happy to drive into the community. The maintenance team is outstanding and does a wonderful job. I do attend the events sometimes as I am very busy but when I do I enjoy them and I like the transportation as well. The office team is always smiling and you can talk to them about anything.

Samuel Butler