While new to Attiva Park - I enjoy living here tremendously. What a pleasurable living community. All of the facilities are top notch. Community staff is solid, extremely personable and always ready to help.

Verified Resident

Just writing to say if you're looking for a place that is 55 and up, look no further. I have lived here for 5 months - my dog and I - and we have enjoyed it very much. It’s nice to see all the things Attiva has to offer: exercise, crafts, painting, games and so much more, it’s like an extended family. When I first moved in. I stayed to myself, feeling like maybe I didn’t belong here. Then I decided to go over to the social hour and see what it was all about. Well, eventually I really was glad I did come over. They have so much going on, the people are great, they really make you feel welcome. I go over to most of the events to enjoy myself, and I talk to management just to say hello. It feels good when they care about you; they come in for our social and talk with us, and we all feel good and very blessed to have people around us who really care about you . If I had family near me, I would tell them about this place, but my family is in PA and WV. I have met some very special people. I feel so blessed to have found a place like this and so will you. I’m 59 yrs old, and I am so very happy I live here, and so will you. So come on over and check it out - you will be very happy you did. I know I am just to tell you a few things here: pool you can swim in all year round (now that was the selling point for me because I love the water), social hours (so much fun, it's a way to know people), fireplace (so nice to sit by a fire and talk with friends or just relax with a loved one), they have grills outside if you want to have a family cookout (go for it) - wow, I could go on about this place, but I want you to come check it out see for yourself, I am telling you won’t regret it. So come on over, check it out, have fun, maybe come over at social hour just to see the people. It’s so much fun, it’s entertaining all the time - trust me. Thanks!

Tina Deal

The people are friendly, we all get along. The staff is nice too. We do crafts and other activities. I have lived here for 3 years, I love the apartment and cottage. We have nice people to talk to, and the pool is nice.

Kim Lacy

I moved to Attiva Park last year in August after my sister passed away. The staff here was able to accommodate me and understood I was still grieving over the loss of my sister and offered their kindness and sympathy towards my issue. And they genuinely listened to my concerns about feeling alone and depressed. The community here at Attiva Park is very friendly, and the social activities helped me deal with the loss of my sister. I love my apartment; it's updated, clean and modern. Maintenance is excellent, I plan to stay here, I'm home!

Shirl Vaughn