These people have tried to give me the most welcomed and secured residence, when I was frustrated on where to move too...I love my apt. and it is very quiet and peaceful...the grounds are beautifully groomed every week and the lovely flowers are stunning. We just got a great roof also and it was done so professionally quick and efficient. It looks great. Bingo, get togethers in the Bistro for wine , card games, tv football/etc. and other activities... Painting and crafting class is my favorite and so relaxing and fun with everyone, I discovered I really have a little talent, lol learning with each other is so much fun here at Attiva Park. Come and enjoy all the action and the lovely community and the hard working staff ...I give it 6 STARS. Thanks looking forward to the future...

Toni Coe

The Staff is friendly and helpful. The apartments are well maintained. The grounds are beautiful. It is a very quiet apartment. Maintenance issues are resolved quickly. It is a very secure place to live.

Verified Resident 707839

I am so pleased that I made the right move here to Fort Worth's Attiva Park. I feel safe and cared for by their wonderful staff. They are new friends to me and the residents here are so kind. I wish I had known about Attiva Park years ago!

Verified Resident 698742

Attiva is a well professionally managed company. The staff is friendly and very helpful all repairs request are completed very fast. Lots of activities to keep you busy and board games . Yes I would recommend to friends and family!

Verified Resident 663590

I was impressed with Attiva Park, residents and staff when visiting the property. Everyone was friendly, accommodating and welcoming, even before choosing to make Attiva Park my new home. I recommend making this your new home especially if a sense of community, security and an active lifestyle is important to you.

Verified Resident 658398

AttivaPark is such a beautiful place and when you walk it all you see is beauty and all you feel is love. I feel safe and I feel like living and thriving here. Everyone should experience this type of living!

Verified Resident 643884

The team here at Attiva are top notch. They are always cheerful answering questions and are a huge help in getting adjusted. The community is quiet and seems to be like a family. Ive been here a short time but have been made to feel very welcome.

Verified Resident 628273

While new to Attiva Park - I enjoy living here tremendously. What a pleasurable living community. All of the facilities are top notch. Community staff is solid, extremely personable and always ready to help.

Verified Resident