Hard to describe how a place and be both peaceful and energetic... but that's what I get living here.. If you're not seen for a couple of days... a neighbor might ask the office to call or a neighbor might knock on the door, not because they're nosey, but that's what community does...

Janyth Bolden

I cannot see myself living anywhere else here in Vegas. This place is paradise in the ------. When you find a place that is clean, peaceful and well staffed.....that is where you stay. Attiva is that place.

Verified Resident 621971

My wife and I love it here and do not plan on moving. It is easy to have work done, the office is compliant and polite.

Tony R

I lived here for years. The upgrades are beautiful. The staff was so helpful with the process. Areal and Kristen did a nice job keeping the residents calm and comfortable.

Diane B