If your location is an ideal spot for serving additional customers, then your rooftop may be worth free Internet service!

Cortland is eager to rapidly expand Seattle's wireless community and is looking for help in its expansion. To recieve Wireless service from Cortland, a potential customer needs to be within line of sight of a Cortland transmitter. In order for Cortland to expand its network of transmitters, additional transmitting devices needed to be placed on top of buildings throughout the Seattle area.

  • A site equipped with 110 volt power for a 10'mast with 3' antennas to be placed and enough space to house 3 of Cortland's desktop PCs.
in exchange.....
  • Free 10 Mb wireless Internet access ...
  • Includes all standard Internet services

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Cortland Communications, full service ISP since 1994, Broadband Wireless provider since 1996.

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