10mBps Wireless

Cortland Communications
Cortland Communications provides dedicated, 10MBps speed Internet via wireless connection. Cortland's Fixed Wireless services are a reliable, affordable and superior alternative for any company's Internet needs.

Fixed Wireless Pricing

  1. One-time installation charge: There is a one-time, non-recurring charge for site survey and consultation, equipment consulting and installation, and service establishment.

  2. Recurring monthly service fee: Cortland charges subscribing customers a recurring, monthly fee for use of its 10 megabit/sec burstable wireless link. If data transfer allowances are exceeded, the customer will be charged a pro-rated share of service in the next service bracket. Customers who require sustained, high throughput will be quoted rates on an individual basis.






$ 350

$ 499

$ 999


$ 1, 350

$ 1, 450

$ 1, 750




C Class

C Class




400GB & up

Cortland Wireless

10mBps speed*


1.54 mBps speed*


256kps speed*

* Typical speed may vary depending on condition.
Based on 1 year contract. Additional equipment costs may apply.

Fixed Wireless Coverage Area

Antenna requires line- of- site to one of our transmitter sites. Typical range is 20 miles. Weather does not affect our signal.

One of the original wireless pioneers in the northwest, Cortland has invested considerable resources into building out its wireless network, and it serves customers spanning from Mount Lake Terrace in the north and White Center in the south, and Cougar Mountain and West Seattle to the east and west.

To be within our coverage area, you must have line of site to one of Cortland's transmitters:

Bank of America: 701 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98104

Westin Building: 2001 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Queen Anne Manor on Queen Anne Hill: 100 Crockett St., Seattle, WA 98109

KOMO TV Tower on Queen Anne: 157 Galer St., Seattle, WA 98109

East Queen Anne : 1600 4th Ave N

Council House on Capitol Hill: 1501 17th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

West Seattle Water Tower: 3800 block 39th Ave. SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Cougar Mountain in Issaquah: 6501 173rd Ave. SE, Issaquah, WA 98027

NorthHaven in Northgate: 11045 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98125

Not within line of site of one of our transmitters? We are continuously expanding our network, and seeking out new sites to place transmitters. If you are located in an area in which we'd like to expand, we'll gladly swap free wireless Internet service in exchange for co-locating a small transmitter on the roof of your building.

Cortland's Broadband Wireless employs state-of-the-art microwave technology. The radio frequencies utilized by the Cortland offer an efficient alternative to DSL, cable or Frame Relay in both speed and conistency. Cortland has full-time, direct connections to multiple Internet backbones whose signals it relays to its various repeaters throughout the Seattle area; these signals create the wireless network.

Optional Services Which Can be Provided Include:

  • Backup wired connection (either DSL, Frame Relay or ATM) with OSPF routing for automatic fallover.

  • BGP routing

  • Voice over IP

  • Special request wireless connections with speeds to OC3 ( 155 mBps, which requires line-of-site to the Westin Building)

Feel free to call & 206-217-0158 ext 28

or email: sales@cortland.com

Cortland Communications, full service ISP since 1994, Broadband Wireless provider since 1996.